Bonnie Blues: Our Days of our Lives Disappointment

Where is the Salem liar we once knew and loved on DAYS?

bonnie is a days of our lives disappointment.Bonnie is disappointing.

Oh, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie; wherefore art thou, on Days of our Lives? Where is the Bonnie who stashed Adrienne in prison and took over her life? Where is the Bonnie who bullied her granddaughter into handing over her newborn so Bonnie could pass off little Emily as Baby Bonnie? Where is the woman who used to lie the same way she breathed — often and effortlessly?

Days of our Lives: Come Back, Little Sheba

We were sorely missing that Bonnie (Judi Evans) when she first couldn’t keep a secret from her husband Justin (Wally Kurth) and second, nearly blabbed all to Xander (Paul Telfer). And her cover story? That was like Con Woman 101. The old Bonnie had a Master’s, if not a Ph.D. in the subject.

DAYS Diagnosis: Mediocre

So what happened? Bonnie blamed her awkwardness on her marriage to Justin. She claimed she was out of practice with lying. But we think it’s more than that. Ever since she married Justin, we think Bonnie has gone out of her way to stop being herself. She is terrified of losing Justin. She still doesn’t trust that it’s her he really loves. So she keeps trying to make herself over into the woman she thinks Justin truly wants. And, to do that, Bonnie needs to go against her own impulses. Because she assumes anything that comes naturally to her is, naturally, unappealing.

Days of our Lives: Double Cross

Or maybe we’re completely off-base. Maybe the issue here isn’t Bonnie’s insecurity. Maybe the issue here is that this isn’t Bonnie…it’s Adrienne. It wouldn’t be the strangest thing that has ever happened in Salem. And turnabout is fair play. Bonnie stole Adrienne’s life, so now Adrienne’s stealing Bonnie’s.

As to why she’s not exposing who she is to Justin, it’s because Adrienne wants to see just how much Justin is truly in love with Bonnie first. Hence the awful lying skills.

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