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Comeback Kid: Brandon Barash Reveals Days of Our Lives Return Date

Brandon Barash Days of Our LivesBrandon Barash Days of Our Lives

Last October, Brandon Barash departed Days of our Lives when his character, Stefan, died after taking a bullet for Vivian and donating his heart to Julie (or so we think.)

Brandon Barash: A Song About Stefan O.

While fans were naturally upset to lose the supercouple of Stefan and Gabi (Camila Banus), we were teased earlier this year that Barash was headed back to the show—only no details on his return were given, not even if he would be somehow playing Stefan again.

Well, we’ll soon get some answers, as a bearded Barash posted a video on the official Days of our Lives app singing about his return, which will occur next week on April 23.

The song begins with the line, “Stefan O., where did you go, you loved your mom so, that you got shot in the throat (thanks Lani), and on your blood you choked (I’m just kidding) I love you.”

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The next verse mentions his love, Gabi. “She cried over you for weeks, missed your prowess in the sheets,” he sang. “Stefan O., where did you go, the fans they love you so (thank you!), though we got a huge surprise, cause a true DiMera never dies.”

Barash goes into a chorus of “and the fans said come back, come back, all right I’ll come back” mentioning the airdate and inviting fans to check out his return.

Will he be mixing it up with Gabi again he asks in the video?  “You can bet all the sands in your hourglass,” he jokes, before mystifying fans with all the possibilities of who he could be—Stefan, someone pretending to be Stefan or even someone else.

As the son of the Phoenix himself, it wouldn’t be crazy to think Stefan is following in the footsteps of Stefano and has really been alive all this time. After all, Rolf surely had another heart around his lab that could have been substituted for the donor procedure. Whoever he is, odds are Gabi—and Stabi fans—will be intrigued.

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