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Ciara’s Declaration of Love Brings Back Theo In DAYS Christmas Miracle

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The Ciara/Theo moment Days of Our Lives fans have been waiting for is about to happen; Ciara’s finally going to tell her longtime best friend she loves him.

“Ciara’s whole mission since she got back to Salem has been to tell Theo how she really feels about him,” explains her portrayer, Victoria Konafel. “She feels cheated that he didn’t know her true feelings [before she left town].”

Love Lost
Of course, Theo’s girlfriend, Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan), is to blame. She kept Ciara’s love letter to Theo from him for weeks, before finally relenting and handing it over.

“By the time Theo did find out Ciara’s true feelings, it was too late. He was already in love with Claire,” notes Konafel. “That has been hanging over Ciara ever since she found out Theo was shot.”

A Big Step
So Ciara decides to do something about it. “She goes to Theo’s hospital room to visit him and tell him how she feels,” recounts Konafel. “It’s definitely a nerve-racking moment for Ciara and a really big step.”

Alone with the comatose Theo, Ciara pours her heart out. Miraculously, her declaration of love somehow reaches Theo and he opens his eyes.

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A Special Connection
“He hears her,” says Konafel. “Theo and Ciara are so close that they can speak without words. They can speak just with their eyes. The second Theo wakes up, they have a moment. It’s what Ciara has been waiting for and just complete relief. She’s like, ‘He’s finally awake. Thank God.’ It’s very emotional.”

Afterwards, Ciara ends up coming a bit unhinged. She gets drunk and causes a scene at a New Year’s Eve event attended by Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Rafe (Galen Gering), Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), and some others.

Escaping Reality
“All the drama that Ciara has been having with Claire and all the harsh things she’s been saying to her are really starting to have an effect on Ciara,” shares Konafel.

“She thought that she came back to Salem stronger, but her weakness is starting to show. So she gets drunk to escape. She wants to escape reality. That’s her whole goal with picking up the bottle.”

For Konafel, being able to drive these plots has been fun. “I was excited,” she admits, about reading the scripts for the above-mentioned scenes.

Just like she was when she learned Ciara would be the one to…continue reading on the next page —>

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