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Marci Miller Surprising Insight on Abby Reaction to Chad’s Confession

Marci Miller and Billy Flynn on Days of our LivesMarci Miller and Billy Flynn on Days of our Lives

Abigail puts herself smack in the middle of the hunt for Chad and Gabi on Days of Our Lives. All the while she’s trying to dodge thoughts that the missing twosome–who have developed strong feelings for one another–could be together.

“The largest emotion in the room is just for their lives, literally for their well-being, because Abigail loves them both,” says Marci Miller (Abigail).

“At the same time, there’s this really interesting dynamic where it’s frightening for her in another way; that Chad (Billy Flynn) and Gabi (Camila Banus) have been captured together.

She doesn’t really know if they are together or in as intimate a setting as they are in. So, there are a lot of questions.”

The Search Is On
Initially, Abigail turns to her cop brother, JJ (Casey Moss). “She wants to do everything by the book, utilize the police station and trust the law,” notes Miller.

“She tries to start working with JJ, but there’s protocol. JJ is trying to do his job and leave Abigail out of it. Finally, her heart kind of takes over. She’s like, I can’t wait around for this. I’ve got to take matters into my own hands.”

While Chad and Gabi cling to life — and each other, Abigail turns to Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) for help finding her missing husband and his missing sister. “Abigail has a desire and a hunger to figure things out, but she’s not very streetwise,” concedes Miller.

“She grew up in a conservative, sheltered environment. She needs someone who has some resources and sweet smarts.”

Abigail Gets A Clue
Eventually, Abigail and Dario’s collaboration pays off. “They’re down at the docks, trying to figure things out, and running out of time,” shares Miller.

“It’s scary and there’s a lot of tension. Then, all of a sudden, Abigail gets a clue…”
It’s a clue to where Chad and Gabi might be, and it leads to the missing twosome finally being found.

As DAYS viewers know, the pair are being held in a freezer, where they’ve stripped down and huddled together to take advantage of their body heat and avoid hypothermia. So, when they’re discovered the situation is going to look, in a word, compromising.

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Ready for the Truth
“But the biggest thing to worry about is getting them out of there and safe,” insists Miller. And that’s exactly what happens, when Chad and Gabi are rushed to the hospital.

Still, Abigail wants to know what happened in the freezer. But will Chad tell her truth?

“When Chad wakes up, he doesn’t know how much Abigail really knows,” explains Miller. “So Abigail decides to give him the gift of time and chooses to trust him.

She deflects the way she feels a lot and kind of buries the jealousy and insecurity associated with that. Eventually, Chad does make a decision to be very open and honest with Abigail, because that’s kind of who he is.”

Torn Between Two Women
Chad opens up to his wife about what really went down in that freezer and the closeness and feelings that are still there between him and Gabi. Miller admits it’s “heartbreaking” for Abigail to hear.

“At the same time, she really tries to be reasonable,” says Miller. “The only reason they took their clothes off was because they were suffering hypothermia. But it just so happens that they are in love with each other, too.”

Realizing the magnitude of Chad and Gabi’s feelings for one another “hurts,” admits Miller.

“It’s the first time since Chad’s chosen to be committed to [his and Abigail’s] relationship that it’s made verbally clear that [Gabi] is still a factor, that this is still a dynamic that he and Abigail are dealing with.

“Once those words are spoken, it’s like Pandora’s box,” continues up Miller. “Once it’s out, it’s hard to put it back in. You never want to hear your husband has feelings for another woman, who’s your best friend. Abigail is definitely upset.”

The Blame Game
Yet, she blames herself for all of it. “She goes back to, ‘It’s my fault.’ Chad and Gabi wouldn’t have…continue reading on the next page —>

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