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Camila Banus Spills All On Gabi, Chad, and The Dangers of Making Love On A Strange Island!

Camila Banus on Days of our LivesCamila Banus on Days of our Lives

Realizing they might be stranded on the island for the rest of their lives, Gabi and Chad discuss their feelings and make love on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

“At this point, there’s no time to think about things romantically or in a logical way,” says Camila Banus (Gabi). “It’s just a ‘whatever feels good in the moment’ kind of way.”

Safe in Chad’s Arms
The situation the twosome are in – namely, not knowing how much time they actually have left to live – incites them to take action.

“When you’re in a survival situation, you’re always going to do your best to make things better… to improve your surroundings, to improve your shelter, to find food and water and do whatever it takes to make you feel better,” continues Banus.

“Gabi feels safe around Chad (Billy Flynn). She feels the safest that she can feel in this very difficult situation, when she’s with him.”

What About Abigail?
So where does all this leave the elephant in the room? Namely, Chad’s wife and Gabi’s best friend, Abigail (Marci Miller)?

“They do talk about her,” says Banus. “It’s very brief though, because I don’t think it’s something either of them wants to talk about. It makes things more complicated to bring Abigail up, but she is mentioned. Chad says, ‘She doesn’t want anything more to do with me. It’s not about my choice. It’s something that comes from her, and I can’t do anything about that.’”

The fact that Abigail has asked Chad for a divorce “definitely opens a door or at least cracks it open,” points out Banus, referring to Chad and Gabi moving on together.

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Bombs Away!
So the twosome take refuge in each other’s arms and make love. “All I was thinking about was Grease 2,” admits Banus with a laugh.

“There’s a scene in the movie where they have a bomb shelter, and this guy is trying to lose his virginity. He tells this girl, ‘Let’s do it for our country. Let’s de-virginize ourselves, because who knows. This could be the end of our days. The bombs could kill us all.’ This is exactly the same situation.”

Plus, of course, Chad and Gabi also have a strong sexual attraction toward one another that they’ve been suppressing for months.

“There’s an extreme level of mystery and curiosity, when it comes to this unexplored area between Chad and Gabi,” contends Banus. “It’s very overwhelming when you start to explore unexplored territory. You just want to go further and further, and deeper and deeper. That is eventually what happens.”

Not-So-Sexy Setting
The setting, however, does leave something to be desired. “I definitely think that Gabi dreamed about making love to Chad in the most beautiful, romantic way ever,” admits Banus, noting that instead of consummating things on silky satin sheets, the big moment takes place “on cardboard boxes.

“Normally, when you do sex scenes there are sheets and [body parts] are covered. Because we were on the island, we couldn’t do that. So we had to be more creative. It’s a really interesting scene. It happens the way it happens and it definitely adds a layer to the dynamic of Chad and Gabi’s relationship.”

But what happens to that relationship when the pair eventually get rescued and return to Salem…continue reading on the next page —>

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