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Bye-Bye, Wilson: Sonny Decides to Marry Leo On Days of Our Lives

Will, Sonny, Leo Days of Our LivesWill, Sonny, Leo Days of Our Lives

Out of options to fight off Leo and his cold calculated blackmail plot, Sonny comes to a horrifying realization on Days of Our Lives — he has to marry the con artist he loathes.

“Sonny doesn’t have a choice,” explains Freddie Smith. “There’s too much at stake– his family, the company, the possibility of him and Will going to jail…. To protect everyone, Sonny has to obey Leo’s orders. He has to marry him.”

Will’s Opposed
Will, however, adamantly disagrees with Sonny’s decision. He wants to keep fighting, believing that, eventually, the two of them will find a way to neutralize Leo.

“Will doesn’t want Sonny to do this. He’s like, ‘F that. Don’t marry that scumbag!’,” says Chandler Massey (Will). “Will is never on board at all. I mean, maybe in a very passive-aggressive way. Like, ‘Do what you think is best. Go freaking marry this guy.’”

Sonny’s Choice
And Sonny opts to do exactly that, despite Will’s protests. “Sonny is facing pressure from his family,” explains Massey. “That’s why the wedding happens.”

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After Sonny tells Leo he’ll marry him, the eager con man runs off to find someone to perform the ceremony. And, in apropos fashion, he returns with a con woman — Sheila. Who knew she had officiating credentials?!

Time for a Wedding
Before long, the wedding gets underway with Sonny’s extremely unhappy parents, Justin and Adrienne, looking on.

“The whole thing is heartbreaking,” admits Smith, referring to Sonny being forced to wed Leo, when he’s so in love with Will. “The fans are going to watch it and not enjoy it. But actually looking outside of it… looking at the storyline, it is so incredible.”

Stop Right There
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