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Brotherly Love: Will Abigail Fall For Jake On Days of our Lives?

Jake and Abby Days of Our LivesJake and Abby Days of Our Lives

Days of our Lives’ Abigail is a one-man woman. As long as she’s a one-woman woman. When she’s a two-woman woman, she also becomes a two-man woman.

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In other words, when Abigail (Marci Miller) is in her right mind, she loves Chad (Billy Flynn) and only Chad. When her split personality, Gabby, is sashaying around Salem, she develops a yen for others.

Last time, it was Stefan. But Stefan is dead now. Luckily, his identical twin brother, Jake (Brandon Barash), is hanging around, looking all greasy, and sweaty, and sexy. Will Abigail fall for him?


Not going to happen, 81% of the audience predicts. Abigail was literally not in her right mind when she fell for Stefan. That’s not the case now. Sure, Gwen (Emily O’Brien) is sneaking around, dropping drugs into Abigail’s food in an attempt to achieve… something she doesn’t feel like sharing with us at the moment. But she won’t succeed.

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Abigail is prepared this time, and she has Chad, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), and Jack’s (Matthew Ashford) support. Jake means nothing to her because Stefan meant nothing to her. Don’t let her persuading Chad to extend an olive branch fool you. It’s like Chad said, this is about peace in the family, Abigail doesn’t give a damn about Jake in any other way.


Only 19% of Days of our Lives fans are sure Abigail won’t be able to stay away from Jake for long. Gabby wasn’t a total stranger. She was a part of Abigail. The part that was attracted to a guy who looked exactly like Jake. If she was affected by him once, she’ll be affected by him again.

And, this time, she won’t have a split personality excuse. This time, it’s going to be Jake and Abigail – Jabby – for real. And for good. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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