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Hidden Motives: Why Is Gwen After Abby On Days of our Lives?

Abby and Gwen Days of Our LivesAbby and Gwen Days of Our Lives

Holy, rewrite, Days of our Lives! As Abby (Marci Miller) was losing her mind, fans had their suspicions about who was poisoning her: Gabi (Camila Banus), Chad (Billy Flynn), even Abby herself!

Days of our Lives Polling

Nobody for a minute thought it could be Gwen (Emily O’Brien). Maybe that was because we hadn’t met Gwen yet. We only made Gwen’s acquaintance after she and Claire (Isabel Durant) were roomies at the loony bin.

Then we learned she was also Jake’s (Brandon Barash) on-again/off-again girlfriend. Oh, and also? She’s the one who poisoned Abby. And is trying to do it again. Why? We have no idea. But here’s what over 2,000 viewers suspect:

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Is Gwen Out Of the Past?

We didn’t get a majority, but 44% of you are assuming that Abby must have somehow wronged Gwen earlier in her life. Abby has been in and out of Salem throughout her adult life, and we really don’t know what she was doing when she wasn’t committing adultery with EJ (James Scott) or spiraling through personalities, and potential baby daddies. Maybe she and Gwen crossed paths. But, in that case, wouldn’t Abby remember…

Gabby Lobby

A slightly smaller 36% of Days of our Lives fans wonder maybe Gwen has a past… with one of Abby’s alters. That would explain why there was no recognition, and why Gwen has a grudge we’ve never heard of. Maybe before Gwen went for Jake, she had something going with Stefan – and Stefan dumped her for Abby. It would explain both Gwen’s animosity and why she found Jake so attractive. He was just a Stefan substitute!

Once In Love With Andre…

Abigail killed Andre (Thaao Penghlis). What if Gwen were in love with Andre, 20% speculate. She sure seemed comfortable once she moved into the DiMera mansion. Almost like it was a lifelong dream! If Gwen loved Andre, she’d want to avenge the woman who ended his life, wouldn’t she? Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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