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Billie’s Back On Days of Our Lives: Her Journey from Drug Addict to ISA Agent

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Billie Reed has resurfaced in Salem, and there’s a mysterious reason for her visit. The hapless Days of Our Lives character has popped in and out of town, since her arrival in 1992.

Billie (Lisa Rinna) has come a long way from the tormented young woman who first appeared to visit her brother, Austin. Here’s a crash course on all things Billie.

Past Imperfect
To call Billie’s past tumultuous would be an understatement. She was drugged and raped by her father Curtis, leading to a downward spiral that led to stripping, prostitution, pornography, and a serious drug addiction.

Curtis told Billie and Austin their mother, Kate (Lauren Koslow), had abandoned them. In reality, he’d kidnapped them and led Kate to believe they were dead. Decades later, they were reunited.

Her Savior
Billie was charged with murder when Curtis turned up dead but was exonerated when Stefano was found to have killed him. Bo, who had befriended Billie during the trial, got her through the ordeal and helped her get off drugs.

The couple eventually fell in love and married, but their happily ever after wasn’t meant to be. Bo realized he was meant to be with Hope (Kristian Alfonso), who miraculously returned from the dead.

Cosmetic Queen
Billie took major steps toward turning her life around when she started the Countess Wilhelmina cosmetics company. Kate, who wasn’t aware Billie was her daughter at the time, maneuvered to buy the profitable company, crushing Billie. Later that year, Tony bought a major share of Titan Industries and brought Billie back to run Countess W.

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Motherhood Shocker
Billie, who discovered she was pregnant before splitting from Bo, followed him and Hope to New Orleans, where they were searching for information about Hope’s missing years. Billie was attacked by two men, went into premature labor, and delivered a “stillborn” baby girl.

Years later, Billie learned it had been a ruse. Her daughter Georgia, renamed Chelsea, was alive and well. When Chelsea’s adoptive parents were killed in a car crash, Billie revealed the truth, and the teenager moved in with her.

Law Woman
Billie’s careers switched dramatically over the years. She served as a cop on the Salem PD, at which point she became entangled in Larry Welch’s scheme to kidnap Hope and her son Zack. However, upon seeing the grief it was causing Bo, Billie tried to put an end to the plot and Larry shot her.

After being released from the hospital, Billie split town and joined the ISA. During her last trip to Salem, she was still working for the agency and assigned to get information on Stefano.

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