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Better Than Ever: Should Days Of Our Lives Redeem Kristen?

Kristen Days of Our LivesKristen Days of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives has always been kind of wishy-washy on their DiMeras. Are they the epitome of all that is evil in the world, tragically misguided but with potential to change, or too hot to be sleeping alone? Most of the time, they went with all three.

Even the DiMera OG, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), was allowed to have warm, fuzzy feelings once in a while. Tony (Thaao Penghlis) became a downright romantic lead, and Stefan (Brandon Barash) is definitely headed down Woobie Way.

But what about Kristen (Stacey Haiduk)? She’s done some pretty awful things. But does that mean she is utterly unredeemable, unlike her brothers? How almost 10,000 fans see the situation:

Bad To the Bone
Nope, 91% of you agree, nothing can be done to redeem Kristen. Not a single thing. She tried to kill Marlena (Deidre Hall), she stole Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) baby, she’s wearing a mask to look like Nicole (Arianne Zucker), and she made everyone think poor little Holly is dead!

You can’t come back from that. After all, can you imagine if another DiMera had kidnapped a beloved character and made their family think they were dead for years? They would have never been welcomed back either. Salem needs to have some standards, and this is where we draw the line!

Nice Act
Give the woman a break, 9% of the audience pleads. She’s had it rough. Remember back in the day when she was the heroine in love with John (Drake Hogysten)… but forced to marry her own brother, Tony?

Yeah, that could drive anyone around the bend. (Not that it stopped her from making him the exact same offer now, but the motivation was different.) Kristen was a heroine once, she could become that again. All she needs is a little love. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Plimothrock

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