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Forget Me Not: Are You Tired of Amnesia Stories on Days of Our Lives?

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Amnesia storylines have been a part of the fabric of Days of Our Lives (DOOL) for decades.

Over the years, characters like Sami (Alison Sweeney), Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), and more have had bouts with the common daytime ailment, forgetting all about their troubled, twisted pasts.

Eventually, they’re cured, but, more often than not, they keep pretending they’re afflicted to get what they want. Is the tried-and-true daytime plot a good one, or is it becoming dull and predictable?

DAYS tried to put a new spin on it recently with giving an entire party full of people the affliction due to ingesting Halo. Now folks like Chad (Billy Flynn) and Sonny (Freddie Smith) are trying hard to remember what happened the night of Deimos’s murder.

But was it different enough? Soap Hub asked fans if they were tired of amnesia stories in Salem,  and over 3,500 people weighed in.

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Forget Me, Not!
Enough is enough! Some 64% of fans say, “Fuhgeddaboutdit,” when it comes to characters forgetting it all. You’re tired of the overused soap plot on DAYS, not to mention daytime in general. Besides, none of you have ever encountered anyone in real-life who’s ever battled amnesia.

Totally Torn
Meanwhile, 34% of you are on the fence on the subject. To you, it really depends on how the story plays out. You’ve seen some brilliant ones with unique twists. But, then again, you’ve seen some clunkers, too, that made you feel like you totally wasted the time you invested in watching it.

Bring ‘Em On
A small 2% of you are all about memory loss and love a good amnesia storyline. You find them complicated and intriguing, and actually look forward to the moment when a hero or heroine remembers their past — particularly when it includes a true love.

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