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Marci Miller’s Surprising Takes On Abigail, Chad And Marrying Dario on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)!

Marci Miller on Days of our LivesMarci Miller on Days of our Lives

It looks like the end of the line for a Days of Our Lives (DOOL) supercouple, when Abigail makes a stunning move and asks Chad for a divorce.

Chad learns about his estranged wife’s decision while he’s away in Greece.

Papers Have Been Filed
“Abby sends Chad a notification that she’s filed papers,” explains Marci Miller (Abigail). “There’s really no further explanation. It comes out of the blue. It seems like an erratic decision from Chad’s perspective.”

To make matters worse for Chad (Billy Flynn), “Abby wants to talk about it as little as possible, because she doesn’t want to be swayed,” says Miller.

“The few moments that she’s had with Chad have been impossible… She loves him deeply, and he affects her no matter what. And she doesn’t want to be affected. She wants to make this clean break.”

Wait ‘Til I Get Back
The couple do, however, speak via the telephone.

“But nothing is really resolved,” explains Miller, noting that Chad doesn’t take the news well. “Chad and Abby don’t talk about it in depth. It’s a situation where Chad says, ‘We’ll discuss this when I get back.’ He wants to talk about it with Abby in person.’”

Another Proposal
But, while Chad’s away another factor enters the scenario, and it involves Abigail’s good pal Dario (Jordi Vilasuso). He discovers he’s on the verge of being deported to Mexico. Desperate to stay in The States, he asks Abigail to marry him.

“It’s a shock; it’s asking a lot; and it’s uncomfortable for Abby,” admits Miller. “She doesn’t want to do it.

“The finality of divorcing Chad is really terrifying for her. It officially symbolizes the end for Chad and Abby, and that’s never what she really wanted.”

Then, there’s the fact that “it’s risky and illegal,” continues Miller.

“Abby doesn’t love this man. She doesn’t like the idea of trying to convince people that she does. And if they decide to do this, they’re going to have to live together, be very close, answer a lot of question and all this crazy stuff.”

Under Consideration
But, when Dario explains the circumstances to Abigail, she finds herself  swayed.

“It turns out Dario has some poor relationships with some drug lords in Mexico,” says Miller. “So it’s more than just deportation. If he goes back to Mexico, there’s this dude who has a hit out on him. So it’s a matter of life and death.”

It gives Abigail pause for some serious and heavy thought.

“She feels that she would be saving Dario’s life, if she marries him,” shares Miller. “And he is a person that she cares about as a friend, who has helped her when she needed help. So she is seriously considering [Dario’s proposal].”

Looking for Advice
Abigail does seek out advice from her mother, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves). And, as expected, Jennifer advises her daughter against permanently ending things with Chad.

“Jennifer, JJ and the whole family have been rooting for Chad and Abby from the beginning,” says Miller.

“They want to see their marriage healed, up and running, and functioning. Jennifer tries to talk Abby out of divorcing Chad. Nobody is in support of Abby’s decision, so she winds up having to make up her mind on her own.”

An Unexpected Push
Then, Abigail receives a push in Dario’s direction, when she gets word that Gabi (Camila Banus) is…continue reading on the next page —>

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