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5 Things We’ll Miss About Arianne Zucker and Nicole

5 Things We'll Miss About Arianne Zucker and Nicole

Arianne Zucker has already parted ways with her longtime Days of Our Lives alter ego, Nicole Walker, and soon we will too.

As a part of Salem society, on and off, for nearly two decades, Nicole started off as a bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks driven to attain the finer things in life. But, in time, she emerged as a woman to root for as she strove to find love and happiness.

Here are the top 5 things we’ll miss about Arianne Zucker and Nicole.

Chemistry 101
Toss her with a leading man, any leading man, and Zucker would always make it work. From Jensen Ackles (ex-Eric) and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) during the early years on the soap, to John Aniston (Victor), James Scott (ex-EJ), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Greg Vaughan (Eric), Zucker had a viable chemistry with each of them.

Then, of course, there’s the wild Nicole/Sami (Alison Sweeney) dynamic that inspired its own fan site “Sole.”

The Drinking Game
Is there anyone on DAYS who plays a better drunk than Zucker? When Nicole started drowning her sorrows with cocktails, the actress let loose with some of her best performances ever.

She threw caution to the wind, let her hair down, and allowed her instincts to guide her, all resulting in memorable and hilarious performances.

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The Crying Game
Zucker has proven to be one of daytime’s best criers, and heaven knows Nicole has had many reasons to sob. Remember how devastated she was when she had to give Sydney back to Sami?

But that paled in comparison to the tears Nicole shed when Daniel (Shawn Christian) died, and the moment she learned Holly was her biological child. You didn’t just watch her heartache and joy, you actually felt it.

The Ultimate Survivor
At one point, Nicole had a sister, a mom, and a brother, all of whom have bitten the dust. Taylor and Brandon (Matt Cedeno) moved out of town, while Nic’s mother, Fay (Valerie Wildman), died at the hands of Rafe lookalike, Arnold Finnegan.

As a rule, it’s difficult to maintain daytime longevity without a family, but Zucker actually thrived. She’s a powerful force to be reckoned with and the ultimate survivor.

Victor and Vitriol
Some of Zucker’s finest scenes, past and present, have been with John Aniston’s Victor. The former spouses sparred like boxers, exchanging barbs like punches and insults stronger than a right hook.

Their feisty and fun banter was always spot-on and entertaining. The thought of never watching one of their matches again is downright discouraging.

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