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Lifestyle Buying Guide: The Best Mother/Daughter Day Goodies

Daily Lifestyle Lists_ The Best Mother_Daughter Day Goodies

Turn your gift-giving up a notch with Soap Hub’s Top Five Picks for Mother/Daughter Day Gifts. Usually placed in order, with number 1 being the best, these selections for mothers and daughters are equally amazing. Thoughtful, unique, artistic, interactive…you can’t go wrong with these amazing finds. Check it out!

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Stemless Wine Glass Set

You don’t need just one day out of the year to celebrate mothers and daughters. The Du Vino Store has created the Mother/Daughter Wine Tumbler Set for you to celebrate all year round. Two 15 oz glasses, one has “Mother of a Princess” printed on the front, and the other has “Daughter of the Queen,” stemless glassware proudly made, printed, and packaged in the USA. It comes in a sturdy, white gift box to secure safe delivery.

The set features a chip-resistant finish, is dishwasher safe, and the vivid white print is made to last for years. Whether it is a gift for your favorite mother/daughter duo, or for yourself and your mom or daughter, the glasses are a gift that keeps on giving. Celebrate the lovely bond that is a foundation of your world, share your favorite wine while watching your favorite soap opera, or toast each other after a long hard week. It is the next best thing to having your own tiara!

Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

If you are a mother/daughter duo who like to do art projects together, the best-selling Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit is a thoughtful way to create a loving memory together. The molding kit comes in a larger, wider bucket than most kits, to ensure enough molding for 2 large adult hands, 2 adults and one child, or 4 children. The unique rubbery mold captures every detail, fine line, and fingerprint to treasure for a lifetime.

Included in each kit are molding powder, fine and coarse sandpaper, a 2.75lb casting stone, demolding stick, detailing pin, and instructions. A full instructional video is also available. You can finish the DIY project with an all-purpose sealant, acrylic pearl paints (not included in the kit), or leave natural. Coming up with your own, very personal design, and creating it together will be a fun memory, but the hands will be a cherished gift to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Keepsake Journal

If you are looking for more than a Hallmark card, but a unique mother/daughter experience that you can both share. Look no further. The Love, Mom and Me: A Mother and Daughter Keepsake Journal by Katie Clemons is an engaging must-have journal that offers a very personal way to share and connect. There are thoughtful prompts, challenges, coloring pages, and free space to make your own.

Mothers and daughters can share stories, dreams, fears, traditions, perspectives, and memories. It is a great tool to share feelings and keep lines of communication open. Feel confident and inquisitive enough to ask each other thought-provoking questions. Doodle and draw together. Recommended for 3rd graders and up. The journal provides hours and hours of closeness and private time that is priceless. Start making memories today!

Inspirational Bracelets

Joycuff has created Inspirational Bracelets with a favorite mantra or quote for your loved one inside. The highly polished and adjustable 316L surgical steel bracelet has a smooth, shiny surface like a mirror, and rounded edges for comfort and safety. It makes a beautiful gift for a mother or daughter on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, graduation, or just because.

Joycuff offers plenty of choices for the personal engraving on the inside of the bracelet. Once you have made your selection and chosen a design, it is placed in a charming gift box. The engraving on the inside is like a treasured secret only the two of you share, an uplifting mantra that builds her up when she is feeling down, or just a reminder of how special she is. An exquisite gift for a bargain price. 

Hand-Painted Memory Box

The Willow Tree, a mother and daughter memory box that is sculpted and hand-painted keepsake by artist Susan Lordi. The details in her work are breath-taking. You can almost feel the warm fuzzies released when your loved one opens the gift to see the gorgeous rendition of a mother hugging her child. Inside she will find the written sentiment, “Protect and cherish; give wings to fly.”

The memory box is made of wood, a light blue/gray coloring, and rectangular in shape.  It is large enough to store keys, jewelry, change, glasses, and notes. Ready to be showcased on a mantel, shelf, table, or desk. It is easy to clean, or dust, with a soft brush or cloth. Write your own personal message for your loved one to find. It’s more than just a box, but love embedded with heart and soul through art.

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