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Worst of 2019 Soap Operas: Character You Want To Shake Sense Into

Soap Operas Characters Shake SenseSoap Operas Characters Shake Sense

You love your favorite characters on soap operas, but let’s face it: Some just aren’t that bright. You watch them make the same mistake over and over or perhaps give up too easily and you want to shake some sense into them, right?!

Soap Operas: Reality Check

Perhaps if you were able to do that, they would find a tiny bit of happiness and that’s what we want to see — our favorites with their one true love enjoying their loves. Yeah, yeah, they need some drama but does it have to be because they’re making such dumb moves? Here are some characters who badly need some sense shaken into them!

The Young and the Restless: Nick

Poor gullible Nick (Joshua Morrow) is miserable because Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) seems on the verge of returning to Adam (Mark Grossman). Really? You mean that upstanding woman he was engaged to who left him, stole his kid (only to return him eventually), and clocked his ex over the head on her way out of Dodge? Why Nick ever took her back is a mystery.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope

Hope (Annika Noelle) spent much of 2019 mourning the death of her daughter Beth, who wasn’t really dead. And now she has her back. Is she spending every minute with her daughter, afraid to let her out of her sight? The better question is this: Is she spending ANY minutes with Beth? No, she’s mixed up with the Douglas drama. Wake up, Hope, and be a mom to your kid!

General Hospital: Maxie

What the heck is up with Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) brain? Peter (Wes Ramsey) is acting so incredibly shady and she’s not seeing any of the warning signs? That’s not our Maxie! Maxie is street smart and can spot a con usually a mile away. We miss that Maxie. We miss Maxie away from Peter. Scratch that, we just want her away from Peter.

Days of our Lives: Will

Poor Will (Chandler Massey). He fought his way back from the dead, finally won his husband back, only to somehow manage to kill his husband’s mom. Noooo! No matter what we learn, we’ll never believe it wasn’t an accident. So wake up, Will, and fight for your man! You two have been through too much to just let it slip away.

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