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Worst of 2019 Soap Operas: Biggest Waste of A Character

Soap Operas Waste of CharactersSoap Operas Waste of Characters

Writing for soap operas is an extremely hard job that not everyone appreciates. You have to balance large casts with rising costs and spreading the wealth isn’t always an easy task. That being said, 2019 was still a year where several Daytime Emmy-winning talents whose characters were underserved.

Soap Operas Biggest Waste of A Character

Those who did get the lion share of the airtime certainly rose to the challenge but that doesn’t mean we weren’t missing some players that always deliver. The following award-winning veterans weren’t seen much, but certainly made it count when they were onscreen. We just wish it had been a bit more.

Days of our Lives: Kayla

Yes, we understand that Mary Beth Evans’ partner in crime, Stephen Nichols (Steve/SteVano), was off the canvas for over a year but they aren’t tied to the hip! Kayla certainly could have been given a story to shine — especially as she had to deal with the emotions she felt about her husband not returning to Salem. It would have been riveting.

The Young and the Restless: Jack

Few actors are as celebrated as 30-year YR veteran Peter Bergman. So why has his Jack been sidelined, co-writing a novel about their family with his sister Traci (the always wonderful Beth Maitland) — offscreen? He has always been electric with Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis so now that she’s back, here’s hoping this will be rectified.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn

This one is a real head-scratcher. Rena Sofer never disappoints when onscreen and she has chemistry with absolutely everyone with whom she comes in contact. So why has Quinn been on the sidelines, cheering on the action being experienced by everyone else? Marriage doesn’t have to be boring. We need to see her and Eric (John McCook) more.

General Hospital: Drew

This is the most confusing of all. Billy Miller’s Drew should have been a huge focus of the story — both with the fallout from Jason’s (Steve Burton) reunion with his great love, Sam (Kelly Monaco), and also discovering who he was before — with Kim (Tamara Braun). Now both he and Braun are gone and Drew is mourned more for having lived in Franco’s body than the man himself.

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