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Will Thomas And Paris Fall For Each Other On The Bold and the Beautiful?

the bold and the beautiful thomas forrester and paris buckinghamThomas Forrester and Paris Buckingham

There was a brief time when Thomas Forrester thought he and Paris Buckingham could be a couple and even took her to be his roommate when she was in between places to live. However, that little flirtation never went anywhere.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Recently, Paris (Diamond White) came to Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson) defense and did her best to convince Hope (Annika Noelle) to allow him back into the Hope For The Future fold. After all, he is a talented designer and Hope needs all the help she can get with her fashion line. Does this mean that Paris and Thomas might soon become more than just friends?

B&B: Take Things Slow

Perhaps Thomas and Paris can become a great romance but they need to take things slow, say 23% of you. We all know how Paris likes to jump into relationships and was ready to marry Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) after just a few short dates last year. Thomas is emotionally damaged due to his obsession with Hope and any new relationship he might pursue needs to be done with trepidation.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Bring On Tharis

Another 26% of you are absolutely sick of Thomas’ heart and mind always ending up with Hope, a woman who has made it clear she doesn’t want him. She is happy with her husband and only really needs Thomas to save her failing fashion line. You want to see Thomas happy and think Paris is the perfect woman for him.

Yes, we realize Paris is officially with Zende (Delon De Metz) now, but that happened off-screen and we also realize that Paris is quite fickle. She has dumped Zende before with no qualms and if Thomas shows interest, she should just do it again because she is much more interesting with Thomas. Poor Zende will have to find a new girl.

This Will Never Happen

The final 51% of you are realistic enough to know that Paris and Thomas together is nothing but a pipe dream. Thomas has shown over and over again that his obsession with Hope knows no bounds. Even when he tries to forget her and put her out of his mind, he just can’t seem to do it. He can never be with Paris because he will be in love with Hope forever and always — whether Hope likes it or not.

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