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Will Steffy Plot To Keep Liam at Her Feet So Ivy Can’t Snag Him?

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) is back and would love to reunite with Liam (Scott Clifton), but Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) doesn’t seem the type to stand by idly and let that happen.

There’s no love lost between Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Ivy. Add Liam (Scott Clifton) to the mix and it only intensifies things. While Steffy insists she’s committed to Wyatt and their marriage, she obviously isn’t over Liam and doesn’t want Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) swooping in and snaring him for herself. But would she go so far as to put up a few road blocks to make sure it doesn’t happen? Soap Hub asked fans to weigh in on the quadrangle.

Holding onto Her Man
The vast majority of The Bold and the Beautiful fans–a staggering 80%–are convinced Steffy will come up with some way to derail Ivy’s plan to win back Liam. While Steffy may not want Liam for herself – or so she says – it’s crystal clear she doesn’t want anyone else to have him either. Especially Ivy!

Setting Him Free
It’s time for Steffy to let go and 11% of you believe she ultimately will, even if it means letting Liam wind up in Ivy’s arms. Deep down, if Steffy truly loves Liam, she’ll want him to be happy and find happiness with someone else. If it’s with Ivy, so be it.

Keeping Him at Arm’s Length
The remaining 9% of B&B fans aren’t sure what Steffy will or won’t do. Perhaps she’ll just let nature take its course. But, if that course veers too far off in a direction she doesn’t like, she may end up stepping in and steering Liam in a new direction.

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