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What Ever Happened To The Bold and the Beautiful Patriarch Julius?

What Happened To The Bold and the Beautiful JuliusWhat Happened To The Bold and the Beautiful Julius

Bigotry is alive and well in Los Angeles and it’s being well represented in the form of The Bold and the Beautiful patriarch, Julius Avant.

Who Is Julius Avant?

The Evanston, Illinois-born and bred (and incredibly pious) Julius Avant arrived in Los Angeles determined to not only convince his daughter, Nicole, to return home but to also drive a wedge between the bond she had formed with Maya, the Avant son who had transitioned into a woman.

Julius refused to accept his child’s decision to live her truth and he bitterly blamed Maya for making him a laughing stock of their entire town – and costing him his job as a limousine driver.

When Nicole refused to acquiesce to his demands, Julius made plans to confront Maya and decry not only her own life choices (including her sex change and her relationship with Rick Forrester) but her continued interference in Nicole’s life.

However, he and his wife, Vivienne, were bowled over by the extent of the Forrester family wealth and the fact that a portrait of Maya hung above the mansion’s fireplace. Stymied by his surroundings and the acceptance that Maya had received from virtual strangers, Julius made a great show of accepting his daughter on The Bold and the Beautiful.

But Maya quickly and painfully realized her father’s true feelings. In fact, it was Julius’s reaction to seeing Maya participate in a fashion show featuring other transgender models, as well as his insistence on labeling her wedding ceremony a “freak show” (and Maya herself a freak) that led to his banishment from the nuptials.

Weeks later, Julius returned to L.A. (accompanied by Vivienne) and told Maya that he had experienced an epiphany: he can indeed accept her and her new life. But what he couldn’t abide was Nicole’s agreement to act as a surrogate mother for Maya and Rick – that was an unnatural act and an abomination.

Julius Avant’s Chickens Come Home To Roost

The appearance of Sasha Thompson, the daughter of an old Illinois-situated friend, greatly disturbed Julius. He knew that the longer Sasha remained in town – and the closer she became to Nicole – the greater the likelihood that their secret would be revealed.

And Julius had no desire for anyone to learn that Sasha was his illegitimate daughter! But Sasha spitefully told Nicole all… and Nicole, in turn, presented her father with an ultimatum – tell Vivienne the truth or she would.

When Julius delivered the news, Vivienne threw him out of the motel room they were sharing and Nicole refused to have him at the hospital when she gave birth.

Continued Trouble

Julius, however, succeeded in ingratiating himself back into his family’s life. He even gave Nicole away at her wedding to Zende. But his progress was hindered when he did everything in his power to convince Nicole to fight for custody of the child she had handed over to Rick and Maya.

It was all about undermining Maya’s life. Nicole ended up moving away with her husband while Maya’s marriage ended. Needless to say, Julius wasn’t the person Maya turned to for support. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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