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The Bold and the Beautiful Character Recap: Jake Maclaine

The Bold and the Beautiful Jake MaclaineThe Bold and the Beautiful Jake Maclaine

Throughout soap opera history, there have been many memorable sibling relationships. On The Bold and the Beautiful, viewers learned that Margo Lynley (Lauren Koslow) had a brother when Jake Maclaine (Todd McKee) arrived on the scene. She was livid at him for walking out on the family, but it turns out there was more to the story.

Who Is Jake Maclaine?

Ridge hired tennis pro and all-around nice guy Jake to give lessons to his mother, Stephanie, to cheer her up after Eric had walked out on her. Jake and Steph’s daughter, Felicia, became pals, but the relationship didn’t progress beyond a friendship. Something was holding Jack back, and Felicia didn’t know what it was.

Viewers learned that Jake was Margo’s younger brother, and there were many hurt feelings between them. Margo was angry at Jake for breaking their parents’ (Ben and Helen) hearts. Jake had run away from home, and the family hadn’t known if he was alive or dead. Margo offered him $5,000 to leave town, but Jake refused.

Sharing A The Bold and the Beautiful Secret
Felicia, having struck out with Jake romantically, asked her pal Heather to come on to him, hoping she’d have better luck and then Felicia would at least have some answers. Jake, however, didn’t respond. Felicia was stymied. Eventually, Jake shared with Felicia that he’d been sexually abused by his own father! Felicia’s heart broke for him while psychiatrist Taylor Hayes urged Jake to confront his abuser.

Past Imperfect

Jake Maclaine returned home to Madison, Wisconsin to face his father over the abuse he suffered. Ben was insistent that he was innocent and that he’d never harmed his son. Furious, Jake attacked his father, refusing to believe him. Ben kept saying ‘Jake, I never touched you!’ After Ben became ill, his brother Charlie showed up to stay with the family – just as he had stayed with them when Jake was a boy. (Hmmm…)

Shocking Twist
Jake couldn’t shake one memory in particular from when he was abused. He recalled hearing a slight clinking sound as his ‘father’ entered his room each night. When Charlie dropped by an adult Jake’s room, Jake heard a similar clinking sound. He realized that it was Charlie’s dog tags that made the noise and it wasn’t his father who had molested him but rather his uncle!

Tragic End

Jake confronted Charlie, who responded by attacking his nephew, tied him up and gagged him. Then, Charlie locked Jake in a garage and turned on his car engine, planning to murder him by carbon monoxide poisoning. Fortunately, Margo deduced that Charlie could be her brother’s abuser and rescued Jake in time. Before Charlie could be brought to justice, he committed suicide. The horror behind them, Jake and his family started to heal.

Macy’s Special
Jake Maclaine returned to Los Angeles but told Felicia that he wanted to see other women. He lent support to Macy after she had split with Thorne over the ongoing rivalry between their family fashion houses.

Felicia was devastated when Jake chose Macy over her. Eventually, Macy and Thorne reunited, leaving Jake alone. He is still a worker at Forrester Creations and occasionally pops up to move some story points along. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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