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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap (BB): Ridge Went On The Attack!

The Bold and the BeautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful recap (BB) for Monday, March 5 revealed a day when everyone finally had enough of Bill!

Sally’s Temper Flared
The Spectra clan gathered at Il Giardino to unwind, lick their wounds, and figure out what to do next. Sally’s bitterness towards Bill turned into a full-on rage before the food even came. It’s time he pays for stabbing her in the back and she set out to find him!

Steffy Said No

A bewildered and panicked Steffy not only turned down Bill’s proposal, but also did her best to set him straight. Their night together was just that – one night, and it’s something she regrets. She loves Liam and there’s nothing Bill can say to change her mind.

Bill conceded to Steffy’s rejection and left, but not before warning her she’ll live to regret saying no.

Ridge Got Bad News
Meanwhile, Ridge could feel it in his gut something was wrong and wrung his hands with worry. Eventually, the suspense became too much. He picked up the phone to see if Liam did the right thing and came calling.

Sadly, instead of getting good news, he got an earful of how Steffy’s night went horribly wrong.

Pam Spun Out
Pam’s (Ally Mills) off her meds and got close to going off her rocker with worry over Steffy. Her obsession with her grandniece’s fall from Liam’s grace became all-encompassing as she tried to figure it all out.

Unfortunately, nothing could prepare her for the truth.

A Truth Bomb Dropped
In a twist of bad timing, Ridge was flipping his lid about Bill’s latest antics at the exact same moment Pam opened the door. Getting an earful of truth about Steffy’s broken marriage rocked Pam’s entire world.

A cascade of different events happened next: Brooke went to Steffy’s house to convince her to come home with her, Pam spilled the beans to Ridge and Maya, and Ridge took off to confront Bill.

Bill and Ridge Faced Off
At home, Bill took a few moment to himself to shine up his gold revolver and contemplate what his life’s become. Things are falling apart and he’s on a downward spiral. However, he didn’t have long to dwell.

Ridge showed up at Bill’s door and things got violent fast. Accusations flew and soon fists. The men scuffled over Steffy’s honor with Bill coming out on top of the battle, but Ridge clearly plans to launch an all-out war on his nemesis.

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