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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap (BB): Ridge Planned To Kill Bill!

The Bold and the Beautiful RecapThe Bold and the Beautiful Recap

The Bold and the Beautiful recap (BB) for Wednesday, February 28 features newfound joy, devastating consequences, feuding dads, and a shocking scheme.

Katie’s Pain
Katie (Heather Tom) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) knew Bill (Don Diamont) wouldn’t take their engagement well but threatening to see for custody is something neither saw coming. It’s a horrible reaction and Katie’s terrified Bill will follow through.

Bill may have money and power but Wyatt reminded her they have truth on their side. Bill’s an awful person and he’ll never get away with this!

Good News/Bad News
After calming down, the couple headed over to the Forrester mansion to face Quinn (Rena Sofer). It was no surprise she wasn’t jumping for joy but at least (after some urging from Eric) she accepted the relationship.

As they all discussed Bill’s reaction Wyatt slipped up about his dad’s affair with Steffy.

The shock was almost too much for Eric (John McCook) to handle and he collapsed in a sea of tears. Not only did Bill take advantage of his granddaughter, but he did it on Eric’s very own property!

Confession Time
Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope (Annika Noelle) opened up about everything going on between them. From Hope’s jealousy to his lingering feelings, they put it all on the table. They even said the love they feel is real and that’s not going anywhere either.

However, feelings don’t change reality so Hope pushed Liam to do the right thing for his wife and child.

Bad Timing
Ridge’s decision to dine with his daughter at Il Giardino couldn’t have been worse. Not only do they lack privacy with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) lurking about but Bill (Don Diamont) and Justin (Aaron D. Spears) were there too!

At one table, Ridge and Steffy worried about what her future holds now. Her marriage is all but over and her mistakes will haunt her for months to come. It’s all she can do to keep herself together during the pregnancy.

Of course, the support session was overshadowed by Ridge’s disdain for seeing Bill across the room.

Meanwhile, Bill was more than happy discussing his plans with Justin. He’s filing for full custody of Will and can’t wait to make Katie and Wyatt pay. Their engagement is going to cost them dearly and he’s going to make heads roll.

Bill’s tirade was interrupted when Ridge just couldn’t take him looking at Steffy anymore! Ridge lept from the table and charged Bill with all his might. Fortunately, he didn’t quite make it that far.

Kill Bill
Once alone, Ridge suggested a terrifying scenario to Sheila. He wants her to use her killer talent to murder Dollar Bill!

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