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B&B’s Scott Clifton Pays Tribute to the Late Bob Barker

The B&B star remembers his time with Bob Barker on the soap.

scott clifton learned a lot from bob barker on bold and the beautiful.Bob Barker shared screentime on B&B with Scott Clifton and Darin Brooks.

Scott Clifton has a special connection to late Price Is Right host Bob Barker, who passed away on Saturday. The B&B star and the game show host shared scenes together on Bold and the Beautiful in 2014.

Scott Clifton: A Tribute to Bob Barker

“Definition of a life well-lived, isn’t he?” Clifton rhetorically posted on his Instagram account. The actor shares that his phone auto-corrected “lived” to “loved,” but he offered that, in this case, the suggested substitution is just as apt!

“What a privilege it was, not only to work with him, not only to marvel at his wit and vitality even at 90 years old, but to have a once-in-a-lifetime private conversation with the man about his passion for animal ethics,” Clifton, whose character, Liam, is a vegan, adds. “His views were infinitely more nuanced and thoughtful than the catchphrase about spaying and neutering he made famous; he loved—truly loved—all animals, and the way he navigated the moral labyrinth of our relationship with them was just beautiful.

“He informed my own views—about breeding, euthanasia, healthcare, and how we ought to view our ownership of another sentient being,” Clifton says. “I wish every one of you could have met him, if only for a handshake. We’ll mourn him, but the best pieces of this exquisite man will stay forever with us. Rest in Peace, Mr. Barker.”

Bob Barker: A CBS TV City Staple

Casey Kasprzyk, Supervising Producer, B&B, also shared his thoughts about Barker in an Instagram post. “Bob Barker was more than a gameshow host, he was a member of our family,” shares Kasprzyk, who began his career as a CBS Page, which included ushering in audiences on Price Is Right.

“You can’t think about Bob without smiling or feeling a bit nostalgic. Every day, he came into our homes for an hour of joy, laughs, and hope that someday we might win a new car or play Plinko!” Kasprzyk adds. “He was a master of his craft, a talent of unparalleled skill and comedic timing. The contestants loved him, and Bob loved them. He was a genius at keeping viewers on the edge of their seats while revealing prizes and prices in a way only Bob could do.”

When Bob Barker Hit Wyatt Spencer

Kasprzyk recalls Barker recreating on B&B a scene from the Adam Sandler film Happy Gilmore — only this time, Barker was set to punch out Wyatt (Darin Brooks). “[We] met with [Bob] to assure him we’d have a stuntman throw the punches,” the producer says. “Bob responded — ‘Why?’ He told us he’d been studying karate with Chuck Norris and was prepared to do his own stunts — even at almost 90 years old! Thank you, Bob, for everything. And may we all remember your famous Price is Right sign-off… ‘Help control the animal population; have your pet spayed or neutered.'”

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