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The Bold and the Beautiful Heather Tom On Bill and Brooke’s Kiss

Heather Tom The Bold and the BeautifulHeather Tom The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Katie has once again been betrayed by Bill, the father of their son, Will, and her own sister, Brooke. Ridge and Brooke’s relationship is on the rocks. Are Katie and Bill next?

Heather Tom: Katie Betrayed

The last time Bill and Brooke connected romantically when Katie was suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to Will, Katie blasted the two — but eventually, she took them back. In fact, she and Bill have reunited. “Ultimately, Katie loves her sister,” Tom recently told TV Insider, “and she’s proven that cutting her out of her life is just not something she’s capable of doing.”

Forgiving Bill and Brooke didn’t happen overnight, but Katie finally got to a place where she had made peace with the betrayal. “She’d worked her way back into a place of confidence and really dealt with it,” Tom said.

That makes this betrayal all the more devastating. “It’s like, ‘You’re supposed to be committed to me, and you prove over and over again that you aren’t capable of being faithful.'”

Quinn (Rena Sofer) has come right out and taken “credit” for exposing Bill and Brooke. That’s not going to earn her many friends within the Forresters. Forget just Katie — there are so many other folks who will look unfavorably upon Quinn over her actions.

It’s probable that Bill and Eric (John McCook) are going to be cross with Quinn. Ridge kept his cool around Quinn long enough for his stepmother to tell him that Shauna (Denise Richards) had nothing to do with the kissing video being shown.

Eric’s wife encouraged Ridge to go after Shauna. Has Quinn gotten her ultimate revenge on Brooke? Is Brooke regretting telling Eric that he needed to leave Quinn? Brooke has discovered she has a formidable foe in Eric’s partner. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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