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The Bold and the Beautiful Drama: 3 Huge Flaws In Bill’s ‘Murder’ Cover-up

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On The Bold and the Beautiful, Bill Spencer has forced his son, Liam, into pretending he didn’t run down Vinny on a dark deserted road. He’s covered up evidence, including shipping the car Liam was driving out of the country, and ditched Vinny’s cell phone and driver’s license to delay the cops from identifying the body.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary

But there are three huge flaws with Bill’s “murder” cover-up; three major problems that are going to make his ill-thought-out plan come back to haunt both him and Liam (Scott Clifton).

Liam’s State of Mind

As Liam’s father, shouldn’t Bill (Don Diamont) have known his emotionally weak and fragile son could never keep such a secret? That it would gnaw and eat at him until it made him physically ill and might even lead to a mental breakdown?

Then there’s the fact that Liam hates lying and has never been one to have a poker face. His guilt is written all over his face, anytime anyone asks him what’s wrong, let alone mentions Vinny (Joe LoCicero) or what happened to him. Bill should have given all of the above serious thought before he concocted his convoluted scheme, because if Liam can’t stand the heat – and he clearly can’t – the plot is doomed.

Accidents Happen

A major flaw with Bill’s cover-up was immediately assuming the police would think Liam willfully ran down Vinny, that he actually planned to kill him, simply because Vinny switched the paternity tests on Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) unborn child. It made no sense, especially since the whole situation screamed accident.

How was Liam to know Vinny would be walking along the dark deserted road he just happened to be driving down? And if he did see a man step in front of his car, which he didn’t, how would he have known it was Vinny? It was the dead of night. Pitch black. Motive or no motive, the circumstances corroborated a sad, yet unfortunate accident.

Where’s the Proof?

Above all, was Liam actually the person who ran down Vinny? Yes, the car he was driving struck something in the road, but it could have very well been a stray animal. It was dark and neither Liam nor Bill saw Vinny step in front of their car. When they stopped to survey the situation, they spotted Vinny collapsed on the ground. But couldn’t he have been there beforehand? Couldn’t someone else have struck him down and left him to die?

Shady Vinny was a drug dealer, which means he was involved with all sorts of unsavory characters. Maybe he crossed one of them, who opted to kill him. By messing with the crime scene, Bill likely destroyed any evidence that could have cleared his son and pointed to the real culprit. And that could very well prove to be a horrible mistake. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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