The Bold and the Beautiful

Do You Think It’s Time the Family Accepts Quinn?

The Bold and the Beautiful stars Rena Sofer and John McCookThe Bold and the Beautiful stars Rena Sofer and John McCook

The Forresters has been adamantly opposed to papa Eric’s choice for a wife: the controversial Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Despite the couple’s obvious love for another and Eric’s (John McCook) pleas to accept his new wife, Ridge, Steffy and the rest of the family have refused to welcome Quinn (Rena Sofer) into the fold. They’re convinced she’s evil and will never change. However, all of Quinn’s actions have proven quite the contrary. Is it time the clan opens their hearts to Eric’s wife?

Proceed with Caution
The Forresters need to remain cautious of Quinn, say 44% of fans. While she seems to have turned over a new leaf, it doesn’t negate every horrible thing she’s done in the past. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Steffy and company would be wise to keep their eye on Eric’s new wife. It’s in the best interest of their beloved family patriarch.

Yes, She’s A New Woman
Nearly a third of fans, exactly 32%, believe Quinn has changed for the better thanks to Eric’s love. She’s a new woman, who has proven her devotion to her new husband, time and time again. Plus, she’s gone out of her way to extend the proverbial olive branch to Ridge and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), eager to make peace with them for Eric’s sake. It’s time they and the rest of the family accept her.

No, She’s Evil
No matter how much it looks like Quinn has changed, 23% of you are convinced she’s a villainess and will always be evil. Hence, you don’t think the Forresters should cut her any slack, let alone accept her into the family. Letting their guard down in any way, shape or form would be a huge mistake that they would come to regret.

Time Will Tell
The final 1% of you are torn between buying Quinn’s new woman act and your memories of her old lethal self. While you’d like to believe the former, you can’t forget the latter. So you’re waiting impatiently, hoping time will tell.

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