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B&B Spoilers for December 26: Thomas Forrester Faces Some Harsh Consequences

There is no more grace for Thomas Forrester.

B&B spoilers for December 26, 2022 Thomas Forrester's in hot water

B&B spoilers for December 26, 2022, tease Thomas Forrester facing the music. He did some terrible things and now it’s time to suffer the consequences.

B&B Spoilers Highlights

Not only is Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) in hot water with his family and the Logans, but he’s in trouble at the office too. The Forrester Board of Directors calls him in to have a little chat, and they demand answers. He may be a Forrester heir, but his last name isn’t going to save him this time!

Bold and Beautiful: Paying The Price

Thomas has some serious explaining to do, and this time, there is no amount of manipulation and self-pity to get him out of his mess. The board members aren’t having it — and they don’t need it, either. Doesn’t this company have enough scandals without Thomas further risking their reputation?

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Sure, he is a talented designer and made the Hope for the Future line what it is. Yep, he’s now a top earner and bringing in mad cash. Of course, he’s valued in terms of dollars and cents, but there is a higher cost to keeping him around. Let’s not forget Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) is also a valued member of the team, and ruining her life like this isn’t something anyone on the board is willing to put up with. Not anymore.

This is a career-changing moment, and Thomas has to count on their votes if he wants to keep his job. Can he convince enough members that he’s sorry and he will be a better man from now on…for real, this time?

B&B Spoilers: One Bad Decision After Another

Meanwhile, Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) isn’t about to lay low even while being Los Angeles’s most wanted woman. No. That kind of life just isn’t for her. Instead of running and never looking back, she’s scheming ways to stick around. And, yes, her plans are dangerous.

Sheila is a desperate woman who is about to do some very desperate things. Unfortunately, no amount of security or preparation is enough to keep the She-Devil away.

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