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Soap Supercouples: The Romance of The Bold and the Beautiful’s Brooke and Ridge

The Bold and the Beautiful Brooke and Ridge Jan 28, 2019The Bold and the Beautiful

Brooke and Ridge – the very foundation of The Bold and the Beautiful rests on the will-they/won’t-they pull of this dreamy pairing, practically since the day the CBS soap made its debut.

How Did Brooke and Ridge Meet?

He had mistaken the catering waitress for his fiancée, but upon realizing his error, the Forrester scion found himself entranced by the blonde beauty. The exacerbated server couldn’t believe that her celebrity crush had not only spoken to her but asked her name. In her frazzled state, she answered in a style reminiscent of Ian Flemings’ OO7, “Logan, Brooke Logan.”

From that moment, the two were inexplicably linked. After Ridge was abandoned at the altar by his would-be-bride, Caroline Spencer (who had become privy to the fact that he had slept with an old flame a few days previous), he turned to a sympathetic “Logan.”

Brotherly Love
Desperate to hang onto the man of her dreams, Brooke schemed with his younger brother Thorne. Together, they decided to withhold an apology letter that Ridge had penned and sent to Caroline which they were both sure would sway the innocent heiress to return to her ex’s arms.

When Stephanie Forrester learned of the letter’s existence, she insisted that Brooke hand it over to the intended reader. And indeed she did – on the day that Caroline stood poised to marry Thorne!

Though she was touched by Ridge’s words, Caroline chose to go through with her wedding. Only a few days passed before she realized what a terrible mistake that had been.

Early Days: Sweet Caroline

When Caroline eventual discovered that not only had Brooke known about the letter for much longer than she let on but that she and Thorne had conspired to withhold it, she sought vengeance.

In the interim, Brooke had made significant inroads with Ridge, but even though he had bandied the idea of marriage about he still hadn’t produced the all-important engagement ring.

Spurred by the belief that Ridge wasn’t actually invested in their courtship, Brooke planned to leave him. However, Ridge convinced her to accompany him to the family’s cabin in Big Bear. There, he offered her a glass of champagne which she was thrilled to discover contained a diamond bauble.

Equally exciting was the realization that Brooke was pregnant. A furious Caroline blackmailed her rival into abandoning Ridge, then delighted in revealing her complicity in hiding the letter anyway.

Then tragedy struck: Brooke was involved in a serious car crash and lost her baby. Afterward, Ridge confessed that he still loved her dearly but requested that they put not only the wedding but their engagement on hold.

Third-Party Interference — The Bold and the Beautiful Style
When he ultimately chose to marry Caroline, Brooke responded by giving into Eric Forrester’s overtures and she was soon installed as the family’s newest matriarch!

But even though her first marriage was based on mutual respect, admiration, and genuine affection, Brooke just couldn’t resist her attraction to her husband’s son. After extricating herself from Eric, Brooke attempted to reclaim her true love but he waffled between her and Taylor Hayes.

He eventually chose the latter, only to discover that Brooke was pregnant with what he assumed was his baby. Nine months later, Ridge helped Logan deliver Bridget inside the family cabin with only his wife via speakerphone around to help!

Despite the development, Ridge and Taylor stayed married, Brooke took up with Dr. James Warwick and very nearly became his wife. However, Taylor’s presumed death in a plane crash cleared the way for Brooke and Ridge to reunite, and they took full advantage.

However, Taylor’s eventual return invalidated their ocean-side nuptials. Ridge initially chose to remain with Brooke but a whole host of conspiratorial forces – from Ridge’s disapproving mother to Brooke’s complete mental collapse – eventually resulted in the two parting ways and Ridge reuniting with Taylor. At least, for a brief interlude.

They eventually found their way back to one another on The Bold and the Beautiful, but they still faced a series of relationship-testing crises including his attraction to both his stepsister Bridget and sister-in-law Katie Logan – as well as her affairs with his half brother (Nick Marone) and his most hated rival, Bill Spencer.

Brooke and Ridge – Redux

The two even weathered the machinations of Ridge’s psychopathic son Thomas, and Ridge’s increased attraction to Shauna Fulton. But thanks to a scheming Quinn, they might not be able to clear the hurdle of Brooke’s brief return to the arms of Bill.

Marry Go Round
In total, Brooke and Ridge have taken 11 walks down the wedding aisle. Only seven of those ceremonies were actually completed and only six of those were legal.

The Little Details
Though devotees of the pair have deemed them “Bridge,” Brooke and Ridge have their own special designation for one another: Destiny. And when the lovers share a dance, they prefer to do so to the stains of Unforgettable. The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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