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Soap Opera Vet Ashley Jones Stars In Homekilling Queen!

Ashley JonesAshley Jones

You’ve loved her on three different dramas, including The Bold And The Beautiful on which she played Bridget Forrester and on General Hospital where she played Parker. Now, you can see soap opera vet Ashley Jones tonight in the Lifetime thriller Homekilling Queen.

This film is a departure for Jones in that she’s playing Connie Manning, a less than honorable character. In the film, Connie’s daughter is determined to become her school’s Homecoming Queen and will stop at nothing to make that happen!

Jones recently spoke to Soap Hub about the thriller flick and if we’ll be seeing her anytime soon as Parker on General Hospital or if she keeps tabs on Bridget on BB.

What’s your character Connie all about?
I wouldn’t call my character evil by any means, but she is a product of her own mother. She’s smart, efficient and always get what she wants — at any cost. This time, things get out of hand and she questions her choices in life-related to her daughter. My goal is to keep her likable.

This cast includes actors named Kaitlyn (Bernard), Kayleigh (Shikanai), and Hayley (Berketa). What are the odds?
(Laughs) You’re the first person to notice that! That was funny. It took me a second to get that down. It was like when I was on YR. The costume department used to call me “Ashley Megan” because we had “Ashley Abbott” (Shari Shattuck; Eileen Davidson).

Also, “Tricia” Cast (Nina), “Tricia” Dennison (played by Sabryn Genet), “Joshua” Morrow (Nick), and “Josh” Landers (played by Heather Kizzier), and, of course, Sharon Case played Sharon!
(Laughs) That’s funny! I’ve definitely played roles like this but as in depth as I get to do in this movie. It’s not like doing a series, but it’s not a guest spot either.

What I really appreciate about the script is the multi-generational aspect. If it’s just a mother and daughter, then I’m the bad guy, but this explains more why my character is the way she is.

A while back there was a Parker reference on GH. Lexi [Ainsworth, Kristina] is doing an amazing job in her current story. Any rumblings of a return?
Isn’t she great? I hear rumblings all the time on social media, but I haven’t heard yet from the show.

I stay in touch with people from GH. [Parker is] a character whose story I really appreciated. If there’s more to tell, I’d love to do it. I think Lexi [Ainsworth, Kristina] is doing a fabulous job with her storyline and the show is, too.

Bridget’s got a new cousin she needs to meet — Flo (Katrina Bowden)!
Yay! I’m in touch with friends from [BB] all the time as you can see on social media. I’ll watch previews and say, “I have to check this out.” Friends and family who started watching the show don’t stop watching just because I’m not on. I’ll get texts asking “When is Hope going to get her baby back?” and “Flo’s your cousin!”

Homekilling Queen airs on Lifetime at 6 p.m. ET on Saturday, May 25.

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