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Soap Hub’s Wellness Wednesday: Jacob Young Swims to Stay Fit

Soap hopper Jacob Young may not be doing shirtless scenes on daytime right now but the actor still focuses on his physique for roles in primetime series including The Walking Dead. In this latest installment of Wellness Wednesday, Young shared with Soap Hub how he stays in shape.

Wellness Wednesday — Jacob Young

The Daytime Emmy winner and host of the podcast Real Conversations with Jacob Young supports the belief that a healthy body definitely contributes to a healthy mind. Read on to see what wellness routine he follows to stay in shape.

You look fantastic!
Jacob Young: Thanks! First, earlier in the summer, when I booked The Walking Dead, I had bulked up [for the role]. They wanted guys who could do some battle scenes and some fighting, someone muscular. I was working out and working out. Lately, I’ve been on a regime of swimming and lifting [weights] only a couple of days a week.

Also, I watch my diet and do some intermittent fasting. When I’m really in it, I’ll do 15-17 hours [without eating], and then, I get the calories [I need] during the rest of the time. When you are intermittent fasting, you count the hours that you’re sleeping so, reaching that [fasting] goal isn’t too difficult. I started out with 12 hours and then, went to 13. You might realize you don’t need anything [to eat] until 12 noon or 1 p.m. Also, I cook a lot, which allows me to control my caloric intake. I have a few things coming up that I want to look good for.

What’s your fitness regime these days?
I’m swimming laps, which has been great. We have a pool. [My wife, Christen Young] is the one who started swimming first. I’m surprising myself the more I swim. If you do laps for an hour, your legs and shoulders will be killing you by nighttime. It’s becoming easier over time. I did a lot of research and learned that not every swim stroke is created equally. You want to get the heart rate up and then, slow it down. It’s like running where you run a little bit and then, you walk a little bit. I’ve noticed a big difference in my overall appearance and how much weight will come off and my strength. It all feels good.

What’s your advice to people who want to see instant results?
On the second day that we’re done working out, we say to ourselves [chuckling], ‘I think I can see a difference!’ or ‘That scale is lying!’ Seriously, you have to stay the course and be patient. Typically, when I start to work out, I gain weight. So, that first week I try to not even get on a scale. I know it’ll read heavier than how I feel. But after that second week, the pounds can come off as long as you’re being responsible [with the food]. I think [losing] a pound a week is good.

You don’t want to set your goals too high. So many people for whatever reason, say they have a wedding coming up, want to lose weight quickly. The problem is crash course diets never work in the long term. The best thing is to go easy on yourself and ease into your routine. Be careful not to over-exert yourself to where you get injured. I try to do a little something every day. If I can’t swim, I’ll do some yoga or stretching and do some planks.

Do you feel better mentally after working out regularly?
Yes. The one thing I’ve taken away from learning about mental health is how important it is to get outside, be in the sunshine, and keep moving. Also, get those endorphins going. If you start your day off by getting out, it can be a game-changer. Exercise and mental health go hand in hand. I find that when I’m feeling sluggish and eating the wrong food, my mental health is not the best. I tend to doubt myself. For anyone out there who struggles with that, [you] could try going for a walk. Exercise can be as easy as taking a walk.

As always, consult with your doctor before embarking on any exercise and diet plan. Jacob Young is known to soap fans for his roles as Rick Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, Lucky Spencer on General Hospital, and JR Chandler on All My Children. Jacob Young won the Daytime Emmy in 2002 for playing Lucky. To listen to Young’s podcast Real Conversations With Jacob Young, click here. Check back with an upcoming Soap Hub Wellness Wednesday for more insights from Jacob Young on both physical and mental wellness.



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