Thomas Forrester (Gasp) Holds Hope’s Hand Again

B&B recap for Monday, May 22, 2023: Where’s Steffy to spy the action?

the bold and the beautiful recap for monday, may 22, 2023, thomas forrester holding hope's hand.Thomas Forrester clasps Hope's hand in gratitude.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Thomas Forrester absolved Hope of any crimes she may have committed against him, sung her praises, and — shocker of shockers — took her hand in his!

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) encouraged his brother to put his best foot forward and Taylor (Krista Allen) crowed about her son’s evolution into a decent human being. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Thomas Forrester Gives All Due Credit To Hope

Hope was absolutely beside herself. Is there any way that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) can ever forgive her for the terrible things that she said and didn’t really mean? She doesn’t really think that he’s unstable and/or manipulative. She only said it to get her mother off her back.

In reality, she thinks that he’s a good man who’s made every effort to turn his life around. When she looks at Thomas now, she sees an incredible talent, a devoted father, brother, and son. She admires his dedication to changing his life and turning it all around.

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What’s more, he’s transformation has changed the way she feels about him…not that she has actual feelings for him.

Thomas on the other hand has lots of feelings — about the situation at large and Hope specifically. He doesn’t blame people like Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) for thinking the worst of him, for blithely assuming that he’d make a return to the dark side. He’s just sorry that they’re coming to Hope and piling on the pressure.

As for where Hope is concerned, he feels gratitude and appreciation. She didn’t have to give him yet another chance and yet she did. And it’s her belief in him that’s helped him make the changes. He cares for her, and he will never hurt her again. He respects her, and her marriage, and he’s never again going to mess that up for her.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Who’s The Problem Now?

Over at Spencer Publications, having carved out a few minutes for some actual business, Wyatt was free to stand around and listen to Liam (Scott Clifton) relay his confrontation with Thomas.

First and foremost, no, he did not “lay him out.” Liam did not go there “to do violence.” Instead, he’d merely wanted to look Thomas in the eye and hear him say something that he hadn’t already heard a thousand times over [examples: “I’m a changed man.”, “I’ll never backslide again.”, and “You have nothing to worry about with Hope and me.”], something that would put his concerns to rest or, at the very least, start to.

But Thomas hadn’t provided anything of the sort. Not that Liam [or Wyatt for that matter] was surprised.

Wyatt inquired as to whether Liam was really holding up, and Liam couldn’t quite answer that. But there is a positive in all of this, a life preserver that’s been keeping him sane [well, other than his favorite sounding board, of course] and that’s Hope. Wonderful, wonderful Hope.

Her efforts to show how much she loves him have really helped allay some of his fears and have [almost] made him at peace with things [almost].

Wyatt then wondered if Liam was reciprocating said efforts. “It sounds like Hope has been trying to show you how much she loves you, and she’s only thinking about you, but can you say the same?”

Liam proffered that he protects Hope, but Wyatt insisted that his brother needed to show Hope how he feels. “Turn on that Spencer charm,” came the cheeky suggestion.

After having a think, Liam decided that Wyatt’s prodding had merit. He’s not done enough. He does need to prove something to Hope, namely that he doesn’t just her, he trusts her around Thomas. [Because that will solve all their problems.]

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Motherly Worries

Back at Forrester Creations, Taylor swung by the catch-all office which was currently being occupied by Brooke, and inquired as to her bestie’s long face.

Brooke playfully questioned whether Taylor was riding to her rescue and Taylor teasingly asked if she needed rescuing. Brooke declared that for the first time in her life, she could honestly say no, then confessed she wasn’t mopping about her own circumstances, but her daughter’s.

Taylor did her utmost to assure Brooke that everything was right with “kind, fair, and trustworthy” Hope, the girl who has her priorities in order and who knows what and who she wants out of life. Also, things are bright and beautiful with Thomas who’s closed the chapter on his obsession with his former victim-cum-boss and who’ll never backslide ever again.

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