Steffy Gave Liam A Rude – And Necessary – Awakening

B&B recap for Monday, July 3, 2023: She slapped him with some hard truths but neglected the slap he truly deserved.

steffy forrester was not putting up with liam spencer’s wafflng in the bold and the beautiful recap for monday, july 3, 2023.Steffy Forrester put Liam Spencer in his place.

In today’s The Bold and the Beautiful recap, Steffy proves that she’s learned from her past mistakes. If only she could convince her ex to do likewise.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) sings his son’s praises, and Hope (Annika Noelle) throws her mother for a loop. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap:

At the Cliff House, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wrestled herself away from Liam (Scott Clifton) and granted him that he had reason to be upset — but he had NO right to kiss her. She’s happily married, and she needs — no, demands — that he respects that.

Now, she’d been willing to forgive and forget the first kiss he laid on her in Rome. She understands that he was extremely upset and that he’d acted impulsively. She was ready to let that go, to act like it never happened, and to never talk about it again. But, it looks like they do need to talk about it.

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Liam offered a dejected apology, and Steffy responded by telling him to SNAP OUT OF IT. What just happened can never, ever happen again. She’s finally — FINALLY — in a relationship where she feels safe and loved and respected, and she’s not going to jeopardize that. Period!

Liam groused that he hadn’t felt that way about his marriage in a long time. Hope had never respected his wishes where Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) was concerned. Ugh, Thomas. How that man targeted Liam, his marriage, and his family. How he caused such pain and suffering. How could Hope stand to be anywhere near him? How could she want him? How could she want Thomas? HOW?!

Steffy didn’t have an answer, and she was unsure how to comfort Liam…but she knew it wouldn’t be by kissing him. The two of them would always be Kelly’s parents and good friends, but that’s all they were to each other. Nothing more, nothing less.

B&B Recap: Proud Papa

At Forrester Creations, Ridge proudly touted the sales figures of the latest Hope For The Future line and heaped praise upon Thomas. Hope must be proud of him, too — and of herself. After all, she’d hired him back. But it was important to Ridge that Thomas also be proud of himself. He’d worked hard to earn back people’s trust and respect, and he’s done that — especially where Hope is concerned. Also, Ridge is really glad Thomas’s whole obsession with Hope is a thing of the past.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Declarations

Meanwhile, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) joined RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and Hope at the latter’s abode and wondered why the long faces. That necessitated Hope explaining that “I think my marriage might be over…Liam walked out. On me. On our marriage. I think it’s over.” [Do you feel Hope might think it’s over?]

But, why? What reason would Liam have to leave? He adores Hope, and he loves their family [very much] — it just doesn’t make sense. Hope then blubbered that it had something to do with Thomas, which pleased Brooke to no end.

Of course, mama bear assumed that Thomas had done something shady, but Hope disabused her of the notion. She was the one who kissed Thomas. Her. She doesn’t know why she did it — she doesn’t want a life with Thomas — but she did it all the same.

Opposite this, Liam confided in Steffy that he could not forgive Hope’s trespass. He just couldn’t do it. What’s more, how is he supposed to be with Hope, with Thomas a constant presence in their life and marriage? Between co-parenting Douglas and working on HFTF [which Hope has proven time and time again takes precedence over her husband], Thomas will always be there — and it’s too painful given everything that Thomas has done. His marriage is over.

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