Katie and Donna Logan Egged On Brooke

B&B recap for Wednesday, June 14, 2023: Who needs cheerleaders when you have sisters like these?

donna logan and katie logan encourage brooke logan in the bold and the beautiful recap for wednesday, june 14, 2023.Donna Logan and Katie Logan gave Brooke Logan something to day dream about.

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Katie and Donna Logan assured Brooke that she was in the right as far as her estrangement from Taylor and most definitely still in the running to become Mrs. Ridge Forrester for the gazillionth time.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Kaite (Heather Tom) and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) bid one another au revoir, Hope (Annika Noelle) insisted Liam (Scott Clifton) get over himself, and the Forrester Creations crew readied to fly to Italy. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Bold and the Beautiful: Katie & Donna Logan Cheer For Destiny

At Forrester Creations, Katie and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) were aghast at the subterfuge Taylor (Krista Allen) employed to try and worm her way back into Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye). Thank goodness Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) called her out, and shame on Taylor for trying to turn it around on Brooke. That is so messed up.

Brooke demurred that at least she’d gained some clarity from the whole situation and had firm knowledge that deep in her heart Ridge was the love of her life. The Logan sisters wondered if Brooke had actually told this to Ridge, and Brooke assured them that she had. Both agreed that, in that case, Brooke would get exactly what she wanted. And maybe sooner than she might think.

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But, Brooke wasn’t so sure. After all, Ridge had been quite standoffish as of late. He’s been cautious. Protective of himself and his heart. It’s almost as if he’s built a wall around himself in an attempt to guard both him and Brooke from future pain. And, horror of horrors, he’s taken to calling her by her given name and not Logan. SHOCK!

Katie and Donna reiterated that at least Brooke now sees that despicable Taylor for who she truly is and that she’ll soon be back with the man that she loves. It’s destiny — whether Ridge still believes in it or not.

B&B Recap: There’s Still Hope

Across the hall, Ridge good-naturedly teased Taylor about her still hoarse voice, and she, in turn, picked at his tendency for waiting till the last minute to pack and find his passport.

Taylor then expressed disappointment that she wasn’t joining the crew on their trip and half-joked that one person who wouldn’t miss her would be Brooke. During a subsequent convo with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), Taylor was heartened when he shared that she is “woven into every fiber of everything he creates.”

The mood was somewhat darkened by Taylor once again hinting that Hope had feelings for Thomas and would attempt to act on them, but mother and son parted on a tender note. Later, Taylor was joined by Ridge, and she beseeched him not to listen when Brooke blackened her character.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Kisses On Their Mind

Back in the design office, Carter swung by to see Katie one last time before he departed. Katie queried as to whether he was excited, and Carter granted that he was as far as the trip was concerned, but he was not that enthused about leaving her. Swoon!

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Date With Destiny

Elsewhere, Hope and Liam’s abode, to be precise, Liam once again pitifully implored Hope to disinvite Thomas to the preview, arguing that there was no need for him to be there. Hope is the face and idea woman behind Hope For The Future. Hope was not inclined to hang Thomas out to dry, but she did invite Liam to accompany her to Rome.

Liam declined, arguing that he doesn’t need to be, nor does he want to be her chaperone. He wants her to enjoy herself, to bask in the applause and the accolades, and he’d be sitting at home cheering her on — from home, in spirit. But, he does want her to bar Thomas from attending. Hope refused and suggested that Liam find a way to accept that Thomas will be by her side.

With that, Hope exited in a flurry of melodrama full of tears and self-recrimination and a slammed front door. Her arrival on the Forrester jet mere minutes after tardy Thomas’s raised Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) suspicions. They led Brooke to question whether or not all was well between Hope and her husband. She insisted that it was. Italy, here they all come!

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