B&B Recap For November 9: Thomas And Steffy Got What They Wanted

Thomas’s puppet master skills were paying off.

B&B recap for Wednesday, November 9, 2022

B&B recap for Wednesday, November 9, 2022, features Ridge Forrester making his children very, very happy but Brooke Logan Forrester very, very sad and Katie Logan very, very angry.

B&B Recap Highlights

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) got Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) to do his dirty work. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) realized her fancy last name would soon change. And, the whole fiasco had the Forrester brats (err, siblings) smiling wide. Let’s take an in-depth look into what went down.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bad News, Good News

Carter showed up at Brooke’s door to ruin her day. He presented her with annulment papers from Ridge and apologized for such a cold delivery. Brooke said she wasn’t exactly surprised since Ridge mentioned it before. She was shocked he actually went through with it, though.

Once alone, Brooke cried over the papers and looked back on all the wonderful times with her husband. All the romantic gestures, the big moments, and the passion. She was heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Thomas was riding high after his big night. He was excited to get to the office and start on the next line. However, his dad’s sullen mood put a damper on his good cheer. Once Steffy arrived, Ridge told them about sending Carter to the mansion to end his marriage. Steffy and Thomas were all smiles, and it took everything they had to show empathy.

B&B Recap: Ridge Of Regret

Ridge expressed his regret for not being there to serve Brooke with Carter. She deserved that. He and Brooke’s relationship has gone through some seriously rocky times over the years, but they always overcame and got back on track. This end was not a happy occasion for them, not even for him. Ridge was so sad Thomas even apologized for how much Ridge was hurting.

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Thomas and Steffy gave Ridge a pep talk. This was the right thing, they said. Look at how bright his future can be with Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen), they said. Ridge was on the verge of having a happy forever with his first family. Focus on that, they said.

In the end, Ridge decided he needed to follow his instincts (and his heart) and check on Brooke. He found her crying, and she asked him if this is what he really wants. Ridge said this is the way it has to be, and they each need to move on. Brooke lost it. She demanded to know why he was doing this.

Bold & Beautiful Recap: What A Shame

As for Carter, he went back to the office and went straight to Katie (Heather Tom). He told her she should call her sister. Brooke would need her right now. Katie was peeved Ridge was trying to completely erase his marriage to Brooke. How could he? Katie was furious, even. She couldn’t imagine how much her sister was hurting. Carter wasn’t a fan of the whole thing, either. He thought Brooke and Ridge were good together.

Across the hall, Thomas and Steffy discussed the end of their dad’s union and their parents’ future. It quickly turned into a Brooke-bashing session. Thomas was happy his dad was finally away from Brooke and her controlling nature. They agreed he was much better off with their mommy.

Later, Thomas was alone in the office all proud of himself for destroying his dad’s life. He replayed faking the Child Protective Services call and was quite smug that his whole plan worked. Goodbye, Brooke, he said to himself.

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