What Should Have Happened To B&B’s Thomas Forrester?

Should Thomas have gotten his Bold and the Beautiful job back?

thomas forrester of the bold and the beautiful got his job back too easily.How is everything going so well for Thomas Forrester after all he did?

Thomas Forrester just can’t seem to stay on the straight and narrow on The Bold and the Beautiful. He definitely gives it that old college try, but he screws up over and over again.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

Thomas’s (Matthew Atkinson) latest major screw-up involved him calling Child Protective Services on himself while using a voice-altering app to make it seem like Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) made the call. When his family and the Logans learned the truth, he was ostracized and fired from his job as lead designer for Hope’s (Annika Noelle) fashion line Hope For The Future.

With Hope For The Future failing without him, he begged Hope to allow him to come on board again, but it seemed it was up to his sister Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to make that happen. Is that what Thomas deserved?

Just Let Thomas Forrester Design

It looks like 21% of you think Steffy made the right choice. She either had to let Hope For The Future fold or ask Hope to allow Thomas to be her lead designer again. Thomas is the talent behind the whole operation, and Hope is just the social media influencer who lends her first name to the line. If Hope wants to keep her line, she has to deal with Thomas, and that is that. Steffy left it up to Hope, a woman who never had another job so she really wants to keep Hope For The Future alive.

B&B: Let Him Feel The Punishment

Another 26% percent of you just can’t forgive Thomas so easily. He needs to suffer for every horrible thing he has ever done. Using CPS in a revenge plot wasn’t as low as when he let Hope believe her baby was dead and then ran Emma (Nia Sioux) off the road when she tried to snitch, but it was definitely up there. You feel he needs to be banished from Forrester for good and face all consequences.

Let Thomas Forrester Design…But There’s A Catch

Hope For The Future needs Thomas. There’s no doubt about that. But does he need to actually be around anyone? People have been working from home regularly for the last three years, so why can’t Thomas do it? He doesn’t actually have to come into the office and work directly with Hope and the other Forresters, say the final 53% of you. He can just do his job elsewhere and save this fashion line.

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