This Might Be The B&B Person Who Called CPS on Thomas Forrester?

It’s the biggest mystery going on right now in Los Angeles.

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Thomas Forrester and his custody of his son Douglas Forrester were called into question on The Bold and the Beautiful when two agents from Child Protective Services showed up to inquire about the boy’s welfare. While it appears that Brooke Logan Forrester made the call to CPS, we’re guessing “Our Miss Brooke” has been framed.

Thomas Forrester Thinks Brooke Hates Him

Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) heard with his own ears Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) voice on the recorded line to CPS. We believe Brooke when she denied ratting out Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) over his waving around a pocket knife in Douglas’s (Django Ferri) presence. Clearly, she’s being framed by the true caller. Who is that person? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans. Read on for the results.

Thomas Forrester…Innocent? Doubtful

The majority of you, 57%, say that Thomas is guilty of somehow replicating Brooke’s voice and calling CPS on himself! Thomas was confident that he’d be cleared, and isn’t it funny how he just happens to have a friend, former Forrester employee Walter Barnes (Steve Richard Harris), who could provide the evidence that proves Brooke was the whistleblower? Ridge is so devastated he can’t see the Forrester for the trees on this one.

Brooke Logan Forrester Is Guilty

It’s quite possible that the most obvious suspect, in this case, is indeed the guilty one. That’s how 30% of you feel. We all heard Brooke’s voice on the message. It sure sounded like her. And let’s not forget — Brooke once withheld a letter from Ridge to Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson) under the guise of wanting Caroline to be happy. But that wasn’t true. As a result of not finding out how Ridge really felt about her (he put his thoughts on paper), Caroline entered an unhappy union with Thorne Forrester. Brooke crossed a line once before. Who’s to say she hasn’t done that again?

Thomas Forrester Planted The Bad Seed

Some of you, 7%, think it’s Douglas himself who made the call. Who knows what his motive could be? Perhaps the youngster wants to return home and live with his mother, Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) and doesn’t know how to tell his dad that there’s more to life than living in a mansion with a swimming pool and a screening room. (There is?)

Lying Liam

The guy is so good we doubt it’s Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) who called CPS. However, almost 6% of you think that Liam is the one who stirred the pot. Liam knows firsthand how deceptive Thomas can be. Perhaps Liam has done a bad thing in order to make the dire situation right again. His gut is telling him that Thomas is using Douglas to ingratiate himself back into Hope’s life. Liam might very well believe that the end justifies the means.

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