Should B&B’s Paris Buckingham Make a Play for Thomas?

If Thomas were smart, he’d realize Paris is the right woman for him on The Bold and the Beautiful.

paris buckingham and thomas forrester could have a bold and the beautiful future together.Paris Buckingham could help Thomas get on the right path.

Paris Buckingham and everyone else on The Bold and the Beautiful see that Thomas Forrester wants what he wants when he wants it, and nobody had better get in his way. He needs to either change on his own or let someone in that can help him see the error of his ways.

Paris Buckingham and Thomas Forrester

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Paris (Diamond White) have shown an interest in one another in the past. For a while, they were roommates after Thomas sublet his place to Paris, and then his plan for a new abode fell through. Should Paris let Thomas know she’s interested in him? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans.

Bold and the Beautiful: Say Yes to Love

A good amount of you, 20% in fact, say that yes, Paris should make a play for Thomas. Her on-again/off-again romance with Zende (Delon de Metz) is more off than on, it seems. If Paris is going to let a great guy like Zende slip through her fingers, she could show interest in another guy — Thomas. He’s had other women in his life, but most of them aren’t around anymore. Perhaps her compassionate side would help Thomas see that he needs to stop being so manipulative. If anyone can help Thomas, it’s Paris!

Paris Buckingham: Hopeless for the Future

A tiny bit more of you, 21%, say that Paris should only go for Thomas if she can live with the fact that she’ll come in second place to Hope (Annika Noelle). Thomas is obsessed with her. He’s had the audacity to tell Hope that they should work together despite lying to her about her daughter being alive. Thomas also tried to ruin Brooke’s life by saying she called Child Protective Services on him when she did not. Paris, if you think Thomas can’t let go of Hope, maybe re-think being in his life!

B&B: He’ll Never Have Paris

The rest of you, 59%, say that Paris should most definitely not pursue Thomas. Sure, he’s got good looks, wealth, and charm. But Thomas is to be avoided until he starts using his powers for good instead of evil. Paris might want to think twice before breaking it off with Zende again. He’s got a lot going for him. She’d be lucky to have him as he would be to be with her.

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