Should B&B’s Deacon Sharpe Pursue A Free Sheila?

Deacon Sharpe is all smiles — for now — since Sheila is a free woman.

deacon sharpe and sheila carter together forever on b&b.Deacon Sharpe is tempted by Sheila Carter on B&B.

Deacon Sharpe has turned his life around on The Bold and the Beautiful. He’s taken ownership of Il Giardino and has a great relationship with his daughter, Hope. Now that Sheila has been freed on a technicality, he has a big decision to make regarding his future with her.

Deacon Sharpe: A Fork in the B&B Road

Should Deacon (Sean Kanan) reconnect with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) now that she’s been sprung from the clink? They have great sex together and they certainly understand each other. But is that enough reason to jeopardize his future? It’s a tough call because there’s a lot at stake. Here are the pros and cons as to why Deacon should or shouldn’t stay with the naughty nurse.

Secrets and B&B Lies

One way to go for Deacon is to reunite with Sheila but keep things under wraps, say 14% of you. The two certainly did a great job of keeping their relationship a secret when she was hiding out in his little apartment. Maybe Deacon and Sheila could carve out a life together if they’re able to fly under the radar and not tell anyone they’re seeing each other.

Deacon Sharpe & Sheila Carter: B&B Supercouple

You can’t fight chemistry say 16%, so in that regard, there’s no reason why Deacon and Sheila can’t be out and about and above board with their union. Let’s face it. Other characters on B&B have danced outside the law and are still walking around. Taylor (Krista Allen) hit and killed Darla (Schae Harrison) with her car. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) once shot Sheila. Sheila and Deacon may not get invited to the Forrester mansion for Christmas, but they can have their own celebration.

Bold & Beautiful Hard No

The best place for Deacon to go is for the hills say 70%. Run for them and don’t stop till you get to the other side. Deacon’s worked hard at reforming himself. Sheila may have escaped imprisonment but she’s far from innocent. She’s likely to cause more harm (and blame everyone around her and not herself). Deacon might have some short-term fun with Sheila but she’s not right for him in the long haul.

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