Should B&B’s Charlie Webber and Pam Get Married?

Charlie Webber and Pam Douglas haven’t tied the knot — yet — on B&B.

pam douglas and charlie webber on bold and the beautiful.Should Pam Douglas and Charlie get married?

Fans are divided on who should be with whom on The Bold and the Beautiful. But it’s a safe bet that nearly everyone agrees Charlie Webber and Pam Douglas belong with each other. The duo aren’t married — yet. Some folks think that should change.

A Pam Douglas & Charlie Webber Wedding?

Soap Hub asked B&B fans if Forrester Creations’ top security expert Charlie (Dick Christie) and lemon-bar maker Pam Douglas (Alley Mills) should tie the knot. Find out whether or not you should be checking for their registry.

Bold and the Beautiful: I Can’t

A small minority of you, less than 5%, say that Charlie and Pam should not say “I do” to each other but rather “I can’t.” You didn’t elaborate much, but you either feel that the couple might not work out in the long run or that Pam might still be carrying a torch for Eric (John McCook), her former brother-in-law. Eric’s happy with Donna (Jennifer Gareis), so we don’t see a pathway to an Eric/Pam romance.

Charlie Webber & Pam Douglas: Bold and the Beautiful Romance

Sure, Charlie and Pam have been around for a while. He made his debut on B&B almost a decade ago; she first appeared on the half-hour soap in 2006. However, they haven’t made many joint appearances lately. Pam has dropped by for a holiday episode or wedding, but we can’t recall the last time she whipped up a batch of lemon bars.

Charlie’s been keeping close to work at Forrester. So while some of you, about 21%, are open to seeing the two get married, you’d also like to see them back on the canvas a bit more regularly before a wedding ceremony takes place. Let’s see Charlie and Pam share some romance first!

B&B: It’s A Beautiful Night

The rest of you, 74%, want Charlie and Pam to get hitched. Sure, they haven’t been on a ton, but soap fans have long memories. You believe that Charlie and Pam are adorable together. They’re good for one another.

They bring energy and fun not only to each other but to each and every scene in which they appear. It’s time for Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) to re-memorize the vows he asks couples to recite, re-hang Stephanie’s portrait over the fireplace (temporarily), and invite everyone over for the wedding!

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