Is It Time For Liam Spencer To Leave Hope On Bold and the Beautiful?

B&B’s Liam has a decision to make.

liam spencer and hope logan spencer on the bold and the beautiful.Is it time for Liam Spencer to leave Hope?

Thanks to Steffy, Liam Spencer now knows that Hope has feelings for Thomas on The Bold and the Beautiful. This makes Liam more of an unhappy man than he already is and that is not a good thing for Hope’s marriage.

The Bold and the Beautiful Polling

It never occurred to Liam (Scott Clifton) that Hope (Annika Noelle) — a woman who fell for him when she was still a teenager — could ever feel anything romantic towards anyone but him. That just sounds unheard of, but what Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) told him may make sense. Maybe Hope is the problem and she is the one choosing to spend all that time with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). Hope and Liam had it out on the issue, but should Liam ultimately leave Hope for this mess?

Get Out Of There, Liam Spencer

To 25% of you, Hope has committed the ultimate sin. She feels something for someone other than Liam. How could that even be possible? Yes, she feels something for Thomas, a man who hurt her to her core at one time, but Hope truly believes Thomas is now a changed man and sees a better person there. No matter. Liam should leave her anyway because this is the ultimate betrayal and she doesn’t deserve his trust anymore.

Be An Understanding Husband, Liam

Another 37% of you think Liam should be more caring and understanding. You just think that Hope is confused at the moment and Liam’s support would mean the world for their marriage. Hope was young when she met Liam so maybe she feels she settled too soon and that is where her feelings for Thomas are coming from. But, you feel she loves Liam in the end and Liam needs to just be a husband who is there for her more so she can see that.

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Spencer Should Take A Time Out

The news about Hope’s feelings for Thomas is a big blow to Liam and his ego and he needs time to process this information before making a final decision, say the final 38% of you. All is not lost with Hope but it could be if Liam doesn’t act in a more measured way. Maybe if Liam takes a step back without being on Hope’s case about Thomas all the time, she will see that Liam is the one for her after all and it is just the animosity between her and Liam that is making Thomas look so appealing at the moment.

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