The Bold and the Beautiful

July 4th Soap Wish: The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy and Hope Declare Independence From Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful July 4 2020The Bold and the Beautiful July 4 2020

Liam, Liam, Liam — there seems to be no more wanted man on The Bold and the Beautiful. Amber wanted him, Aly wanted him, Steffy has ALWAY wanted him, and well, so has Hope.

Steffy and Hope: Don’t Be Sister Wives

At least Hope (Annika Noelle) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) both got to marry the coveted Liam and both managed to give him a daughter each. And Liam (Scott Clifton) really can’t seem to make up his mind. Does he want Steffy? Does he want Hope? Does he want to be a live-in dad to Beth? Maybe a live-in dad to Kelly? Does he want Sister Wives? Maybe he wants to be Dudley Moore in the 1980s flick, Micki and Maude. Liam apparently will never know.

A Game Of Ping-Pong

But this is what Hope and Steffy should know. If a man can’t make up his mind and waffles back and forth more than a ping-pong ball between the two of you, then maybe there’s a better man out there. A one-woman man, for example. They do exist and it’s time these two typically-strong woman cut their ties with their baby daddy and find the right man for them.

At Least Steffy Tries

To Steffy’s credit, she’s sure been trying. In fact, she decided to embrace single motherhood, but Liam back into her home every time he’s had a fight with Hope. She even let a clearly-drugged Liam back into her bed one night and we’re amazed she didn’t get pregnant since Liam seems to be a champion at spreading his seed.

Now Hope, she apparently will do anything for a child and a man. When she decided to replace Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) with Beth when she thought Beth was dead, she figured why not marry the little boy’s dad, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson)? She’d already kicked Liam out and told him to go back to Steffy. And he readily did so. What does that say, Hope? Is Liam really the man for you?

No, he’s likely not really the man for either of these women and it’s time they understood that. Steffy and Hope, declare your independence from Liam this July 4 and move on. You deserve better. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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