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Why Hope Logan Should Get Therapy from Taylor on Bold and the Beautiful

Hope Logan could use some guidance on B&B.

hope logan should call taylor hayes professionally on b&b.Dr. Taylor Hayes may be able to help Hope Logan on B&B.

Many folks on The Bold and the Beautiful are asking why did Hope Logan kiss Thomas Forrester when they were over in Rome. Even Hope herself is questioning why she did it given the ramifications. We can think of a way in which this question can be answered.

Hope Logan: Bold and the Beautiful Out-Patient

Sure, Liam (Scott Clifton) is hurting on B&B given his wife’s extra-martial smooch with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) but Hope (Annika Noelle) is clearly hurting too. Hope is asking why did she kiss Thomas as it’s thrown her life into turmoil. Is he that hot? Are his designs that magnificent? Hope isn’t quite sure. So, perhaps, it’s time she found out by getting some therapy.

B&B: Taylor Made

Who better for Hope to seek therapy from than Dr. Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen), a world-renowned psychiatrist, who has helped people all over the world? Sure, there’s a conflict of interest in that Taylor is Thomas’s mother and would have his interests at heart.

But, Hope needs to do more than ask why she kissed Thomas rhetorically. She needs to get to the reasons why she jeopardized her marriage to Liam. Hope was warned time and time again like a child would be not to touch a hot pot on a stove. While a child can be forgiven for not knowing how hot the pot is, Hope has no such excuse.

Hope Logan: Bold and the Beautiful Bad Decisions

How many times did Liam warn Hope not to rehire or work with Thomas? Plenty. But she went ahead and tempted fate anyway. Like Hope and other characters on the show, we’re also curious why she chose to kiss Thomas.

How can she be emotionally attracted to the man who knew her baby daughter (Beth) was alive but chose not to tell her? What’s so hot about a guy who manipulated his own son, Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri), in order to first marry Hope and then, later, use him as a pawn in his scheme to destroy Hope’s mother Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) marriage to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). What about this guy screams safety and security to Hope?

Bold and the Beautiful: Multi-Purpose Story

Hope turning to Taylor for help would do more than get to the root of Hope’s poor choices in life. It would create additional conflict in the Taylor/Ridge/Brooke triangle. Imagine Brooke balking at Taylor, her rival for Ridge’s affections, treating her daughter.

Brooke would object to Taylor meddling in her family’s life and she’d accuse her of being biased towards Thomas. Ridge could take the stance that Taylor’s a wonderful psychiatrist and Brooke shouldn’t interfere in how Hope deals with her issues. Ridge regards Hope as his daughter so Taylor might invite Ridge into her sessions with Hope on occasion.

Hope seeking therapy from Taylor would both help her deal with her issues and throw a potential wrench into Ridge and Brooke’s latest reunion. How quickly can the Hope For The Future creator schedule her first session?

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