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Why B&B’s Hope Logan Should Forget About Liam And Never Look Back

Hope Logan has put up with a lot.

hope logan and liam's marriage might be over on the bold and the beautiful.Hope listened to Liam Spencer's man pain.

Since she was a teenager, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Hope Logan has known one thing — she was in love with Liam Spencer, but is she and has she been this whole time? Or, should she have realized a long time ago that she’s a grown woman now and doesn’t need that man in her life?

Hope Logan Couldn’t Be Brooke

While Hope (Annika Noelle) has believed Liam (Scott Clifton) is the one for her since her teen years, she knew she couldn’t be like her mother, a woman who married and divorced and bedded men like it was a sport and still doing it. Heck, Hope was conceived when Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) slept with her older daughter’s husband.

That is a legacy that Hope never wanted to share, so she put herself on a course not to. She also met a young man who wanted her to be something she wasn’t from day one. And, when Hope didn’t live up to Liam’s expectations, he always had Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) right there to turn to. All these years later, nothing has changed — except maybe Hope.

Hope was horrified when she began to have fantasies about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), a man who has been obsessed with her for years. Thomas seemed like a changed man (and let’s hope he is, there are no guarantees) and Hope tried to brush aside what she was feeling. That would make her like her mother, right? Hope couldn’t allow that, even if she was stuck in a life and marriage she may no longer even want.

Liam Spencer Always Proves Who He Is

Liam has always tried to tell the women he is with what they can and can’t do. Sometimes he is subtle, and sometimes he gives outright orders, like when he told Hope not to re-hire Thomas as her lead designer. She was about to do as she was told, but something in her said she had a mind of her own, and she used it by going against Liam’s wishes. That caused nothing but fighting and hard feelings, but for once, Hope stuck to her guns while Liam whined to anyone who would listen that his wife refused to obey him. Even Wyatt (Darin Brooks) called him a caveman for his attitude but didn’t seem disappointed with his brother.

Yes, we can imagine how hard it was for Liam to see Hope throw caution to the wind and kiss Thomas at the Colosseum, but what did he do? What he always does. He turned to Steffy and kissed her. But what he did when he got home was worse. He took that kiss and acted like he had never done the same or worse — to both Steffy and Hope. He brushed off a kiss as nothing when he and Sally shared a few liplocks while he was married to Steffy. He slept with Steffy when he couldn’t tell the difference between his wife and a mannequin.

Liam Took Things Too Far With Hope Logan

Perhaps Hope should have come clean with Liam about the kiss immediately, but it was something she was determined to put out of her mind. She allowed herself to get carried away in a moment, or at least that is what she told herself. But Liam should have just told her outright that he saw — rather than goad her with questions. The look on her face told us she knew what was really going on, but her own image of herself (a self that anyone would find hard to attain and maintain) had to remain intact, so she wasn’t going to admit to anything until she had to.

When Liam finally blew up at Hope, getting in her face with a raised voice full of fury, all Hope could do was revert to form with Liam, tearfully begging him to forgive her. Liam’s man pain was on display full force as he ranted about being betrayed without a hint of self-awareness as if he was not the ultimate betrayer. From the time they met, Liam has done nothing but betray Hope while making her feel small. That was the woman who was pleading for forgiveness.

Thankfully, that woman made a hasty exit when the Hope we saw in Rome came out. That was the assertive Hope who was ready to take charge of her life. She seemed to grow sick of hearing about every time she had to forgive Liam for a transgression and threw it right back at him. It didn’t make Liam bend, but maybe it got Hope thinking what we are thinking. Throw that man out with the trash, Hope, and finally be free of his toxicity. Does that mean running into Thomas’s arms? Since this is a soap, probably. But it’s mainly a Hope without Liam that we want to see.

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