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The Case For B&B’s Thomas Forrester And Hope

Could these two become a real B&B couple?

thomas forrester and hope are growing closer on bold and the beautiful.Thomas Forrester and Hope share feelings.

It looks like The Bold and the Beautiful is truly toying with putting Thomas Forrester and Hope together. Whether it is for the long term or whether it is just a disruptor to her marriage to Liam, this writer is here for it.

Thomas Forrester Is A Changed Man

Whether Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Hope (Annika Noelle) should get together is a source of great contention in various fan bases. Many believe that Hope can never trust Thomas because of the things he did in the past. While we can agree they were heinous, Thomas has made a concerted effort to change, while Hope’s own husband has not — and Liam (Scott Clifton) certainly does not treat Hope right, but we will get to that in a bit.

Thomas has always cared for Hope, but his own emotional and psychological issues have gotten in the way of him expressing his feelings in a healthy way. He has gotten the help he needs in recent months and truly seems to want Hope to be happy and doesn’t want to interfere in her marriage.

As for Hope? It is more than obvious that she has feelings for Thomas that go beyond a working and parenting relationship, as evidenced by her various fantasies about the man over the last few weeks. Heck, Hope can’t even get Thomas off the brain when she is making love to Liam.

Hope Needs A Bold and the Beautiful Change

Is there even a reason that Hope is with Liam? From the beginning of their relationship, he has done nothing but mistrust her, cheat on her, and try to control her. It was clear when he ordered Hope not to re-hire Thomas that Hope couldn’t take it anymore. She stood up to Liam for the first time in a long time, then agreed to what he wanted, and an hour later used her own mind to go back on that agreement. She thought for herself, and it was actually refreshing.

Is it so wrong for Hope to realize this man she fell in love with as a girl is not the person for her anymore? Is it wrong for Hope to want something more from a man than one who keeps hurting her over and over again? Is it wrong for Hope to want to feel passion when passion may have gone out of her marriage?

Plus, this is a soap. What relatively younger couple stays together with very little strife? Yes, Hope and Liam have had their strife, but it was always brought on by Liam’s actions and not Hope’s. Maybe it is time for Hope to break free and to get the messy soapy goodness that comes from what a character thinks of as forbidden passion, but instead might be exactly what she really needs.

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