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The Bold and the Beautiful Coup At Forrester Creations We Want To See

Eric Forrester is the one people expect to see at his desk on The Bold and the Beautiful.

eric should be in eric's office at forrester creations on b&b.Eric Forrester is one of the few people who should ever sit at his desk on The Bold and the Beautiful.

There have been a lot of boardroom battles at Forrester Creations on The Bold and the Beautiful over the decades. We think that the timing is perfect for another one to occur. Specifically, let’s see a coup occur at the fashion house before members of the company return from Rome. This move is overdue and will likely please many longtime viewers!

Forrester Creations: The Bold and the Beautiful Eric’s Office

In B&B’s second episode, viewers were introduced to Eric Forrester’s (John McCook) office at Forrester Creations. It was where the company’s top designer and founder did his work and, as this is a soap opera, dealing with family and other personal relationship matters. That’s the nature of most soap opera workplaces. However, in recent years, viewers have seen Eric’s office become anything but, well, Eric’s office! It’s time that B&B re-establish this long-running set to its origins.

Office Politics

Sure, we understand that the economic realities of soaps don’t allow shows to have as many sets as they once had. We do recall when Forrester Creations had regular offices for Stephanie (Susan Flannery), which was later taken over by Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Kristen (Teri Ann Linn), and Margo (Lauren Koslow) once shared an office, and Thorne (Winsor Harmon) ran the business end of Forrester in the building’s basement.

Lately, however, it seems that Eric’s office has been used for pretty much everything including a locker room where employees change out of their workout clothes and where Taylor (Krista Allen) and Brooke had their big blowout. (Somewhere, Stephanie is rolling her eyes.) There was a time when you couldn’t have gotten into Eric’s office without first getting by his secretary Trish. Now, it’s got more traffic than Disneyland!

Forrester Creations: The Bold and the Beautiful Business

Of course, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), who runs Forrester and owns a big chunk of it, is going to spend time in Eric’s office. It’s where business does and should take place. But Forrester Creations is a respected design house. Eric’s office should be treated like a revered place of business — not like the all-but-forgotten breakroom at Newman Enterprises on The Young and the Restless or the pool on Melrose Place.

We’re glad that Eric’s office is still used for company meetings including the tense one in which Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) was booted out of the company (temporarily). However, when Taylor is making work phone calls from the same room and sparring with Brooke, the gravitas of Eric’s office being the nucleus of the company is lost. Similarly, if Ridge were to visit Taylor at her office, it would be wrong for him to break out a sketch pad and start designing.

Forrester Creations Make A Change

Prior to the gang going off to Rome, Eric and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) shared a scene in Ridge’s office across the hall (where Eric had apparently been banished to) so that Brooke could blast Taylor in Eric’s office over breaking their pact.

Eric spoke for many when he quipped about not being in his own regular digs. “I’m going to stay in here and work,” Eric quipped to Ridge. “It’s quiet in here; there’s too many people in my office all the time. You and Steffy behind my desk is one thing, but Katie [Heather Tom] and Carter [Lawrence Saint Victor], and Hope [Annika Noelle], and Zende [Delon de Metz]? If I ever catch Charlie [Dick Christie] behind my desk, I’m going to shoot him with his own water pistol.” As far as we’re concerned, fire away! Ridge asked his father to never forget that he is indeed Forrester Creations. We think it’s time that Eric realizes this too and reclaims his office.

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