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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton shined as Liam tried to drill some sense into his father’s head on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Scott Clifton shined as Liam tried to get his dad to see the light on The Bold and the Beautiful.Scott Clifton

Characters on soaps are often embroiled in absurd situations. Thankfully, characters like Liam Spencer, ably played by three-time Daytime Emmy-winner Scott Clifton, are down to earth, which enables the audience to more easily go along for the fun ride as stories unfold.

Scott Clifton – Performer of the Week

Liam visited his father Bill (Don Diamont) in an attempt to understand why his father is giving sanctuary to Sheila (Kimberlin Brown), a woman who has attempted to take the life of many characters on the show’s canvas. This was a reminder that Scott Clifton plays Liam as the voice of reason on the show.

When Sheila excused herself from the room, she gently touched Liam’s arm as she passed him. He not so subtly recoiled. (Wouldn’t you?) Liam said he’d never get used to walking into his dad’s home and seeing Sheila there, noting it’s not normal and he finds it nauseating. (Can you blame him?)

Bill reminded his son that he was the “anti-norm.” Liam wasn’t buying that in this case noting that it didn’t make sense to shack up with a psychopath. Bill wondered why his son wasn’t used to him doing his own thing.

“I’m not used to this…I’m not. I don’t even know who I’m looking at anymore or what version of you I’m going to get in a given moment,” a frustrated Liam said.

Bill’s stoic “this is who I am” stance might have sent others packing but not Liam. He kept hammering away at his dad, asking pointed questions. Does Bill not care about him? Wyatt? What about Will, his son with Katie (Heather Tom)?

Liam went on to passionately point out that Bill is blackmailing Steffy, a woman he supposedly once cared for greatly. Liam demanded to know why Bill was allowing himself to be taken in by Sheila?

“I can’t just sit back and do nothing because I’m scared,” Liam said as Scott Clifton brought some desperate anger to the moment. He wants to get Sheila Carter out of his dad’s life.

Bill continued to maintain he was fine and preferred the path he was on. Proving that Wyatt wasn’t the only one in the family who can inject humor into a situation, Liam queried, “Psycho-ville? Self-destruction junction? Dad, dad, there are plenty of women out there who are available, who are not, you know, murderers.”

An exasperated Liam soon took another approach. He suggested to his father that Sheila was playing him. When that didn’t work, he tried a little humor, suggesting they find Bill a nice dirty librarian — someone a little kinky “but not a murderer!”

Liam failed to get his father to change his mind about providing sanctuary to a killer. However, his mission in visiting wasn’t totally unsuccessful. Liam walked away knowing that if Sheila betrays Bill then his protecting her disappears. (Hmm…)

We knew Sheila would be sticking around but, to some, Bill protecting her this way has been deeply puzzling to many. Kudos to Scott Clifton for speaking for the audience in these recent scenes.

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