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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Darin Brooks

Characters can count on Wyatt thanks to Darin Brooks’s solid performances on B&B.

darin brooks performer of the week for b&b.Darin Brooks plays reliable Wyatt to perfection on B&B.

Wyatt Spencer’s not directly facing any relationship woes and his job at Spencer Publications appears secure but he’s still heavily involved in the story as resident sounding board on The Bold and the Beautiful. It may not be (or it may be) the most challenging position to be in however, Wyatt’s portrayer, Darin Brooks, brings enthusiasm and passion to the job at hand. For doing solid supporting work, Soap Hub is naming him Performer of the Week for B&B.

Darin Brooks – Performer of the Week

Wyatt surprised Hope (Annika Noelle) at Forrester Creations not to do an interview for Eye on Fashion but rather to show support as a caring brother (to Liam) and brother-in-law (to Hope). He said he wasn’t leaving until she came clean on what was going on between her and Liam (Scott Clifton).

For Brooks, Wyatt calling himself “caring” isn’t just lip service. Viewers truly can hear in the tone Brooks brings to Wyatt’s voice that he truly means this. He knows he’s not going to get Hope to open up by taking sides in the matter (especially if he takes Liam’s side!).

“You know me better than that,” Wyatt said to Hope in response to her query that he might be reading her the riot act. “What are you doing?” Wyatt pointedly asked Hope with deep concern and true curiosity in his tone. He wanted her to know that while he wasn’t going to pass judgment on her, he did want some answers.

Wyatt chuckled when Hope intimated that Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) played a role in the breakup of her marriage. But he didn’t dismiss her concerns for long. Brooks had Wyatt maintain eye contact with Hope. He may not agree that Steffy’s the obstacle in Liam and Hope’s marriage that Hope seems to think she is but Wyatt patiently listened as Hope pled her case. If Hope’s greatest quality is to see the good in people, then we suggest that Wyatt’s strongest gift is his ability to listen. And care.

Wyatt marveled to learn that Hope and Liam had signed divorce papers. As Hope continued to inform Wyatt of everything that went into the split, Brooks brought a sense of resignation to his character. Wyatt couldn’t deny that Hope was delivering a solid argument — at least to herself.

Acting on soap operas isn’t just about playing out the big dramatic moments. There’s more to it than bringing to life the bombastic, heated moments that often go on actors’ Daytime Emmy reels. There’s quiet, solid acting where characters listen more than they talk. That’s what Darin Brooks does as Wyatt. He doesn’t need to be driving a story to be watchable — however, we’re not objecting to B&B shifting the Daytime Emmy winner onto the front burner and into a story of his own.

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