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How Long Will Braylor’s Stance on Ridge Forrester Last on B&B?

Ridge Forrester may not be single for very long but we hope he is.

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The Brooke Logan/Ridge Forrester/Taylor Hayes romance has been a staple on The Bold and the Beautiful since 1990. Ridge Forrester has lathered, rinsed, and repeated with his two loves time and time again. Now, however, the legendary triangle has taken on an unexpected twist.

Ridge Forrester — Out in the Cold

Taylor (Krista Allen) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) both told Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) that they aren’t interested in wondering which of them he was going to choose because they’re choosing themselves. Ridge was left speechless that his two loves took this position. The two ladies high-fived each other out of his eyesight. But we can’t help but wonder if Ridge isn’t going to get some mistletoe action this holiday season.

B&B: Let This Play Out

We understand that soaps tell stories at a breakneck pace these days. Just look at Ridge’s decision to walk out on Brooke without directly confronting her over the alleged call to Child Protective Services that she didn’t even make! Then, before the ink on their annulment papers was dry, Ridge proposed to Taylor after telling her that she was the woman he wanted and it had nothing to do with Brooke.

Watching Brooke and Taylor team up and stand up for themselves sent a great message to not only Ridge (though we doubt he feels that way) and viewers. It’s better to be alone than with someone who’s going to move so easily from one relationship to another.

Ridge Forrester — ‘Logan’ and ‘Doc’

The question is — where do the three of them go from here? What if Ridge whispers “Logan” to Brooke across a crowded room? Will she come running? Will she remind herself that Ridge is her destiny? Is she going to throw away all those years and move on without him?

And what about Taylor? It’s been said that doctors make the worst patients. As a world-renowned psychiatrist, she likely followed the advice she’d give to a patient who was in a similar position as she was with Ridge. But how many times did Taylor lose out to Brooke when it came to Ridge’s love? How many times was she wrongly thought dead, only to return to find out that Ridge had picked up with Brooke once more? (That’s a rhetorical question, but the answer is twice!)

Could Taylor really be blamed if she caved if Ridge were to re-approach her and speak the words she’s always wanted to hear? Let’s hope not. At least not in the near future. Perhaps these three need to spend time alone, working on themselves before they commit to another person. B&B has taken this trio in a brand new direction that we’re hoping continues into the New Year.

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