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Brooke Is Acting A Tad Hypocritical on The Bold and the Beautiful

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It’s inevitable that secrets on soap operas come out, given all the eavesdropping that characters do. Once Brooke Logan Forrester overheard Paris Buckingham and Quinn Fuller Forrester arguing on The Bold and the Beautiful, she realized Eric Forrester’s wife was keeping a secret. But hasn’t Brooke been just as bad when it comes to staying faithful in at least one of her marriages?

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Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been practically salivating since Eric (John McCook) kicked Quinn (Rena Sofer) out of their home when news of her affair with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) came to light. She’s been saying out loud that Quinn was bad news in front of Eric and, ironically, her husband Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

Let’s not forget that Brooke was also once married to Eric and she also cheated him — not with the company COO but rather Eric’s own son Ridge! So, Brooke calling out Quinn for being unfaithful is hypocritical. Cheating should never be condoned but let’s look at some of the differences between Quinn stepping out on Eric and Brooke doing the same thing.

Eric had rejected Quinn for her role in trying to split up Brooke and Ridge. At first, he forgave her but as time went on, Eric realized he couldn’t trust Quinn. Quinn didn’t set out to cheat on Eric. She went to see Carter with the best of intentions — trying to get him to give Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) a second chance as she wasn’t honest with him about her feelings for Zende (Delon de Metz). Quinn opened up about how alone she felt since Eric rejected her. One thing led to another and Quinn and Carter hit the sheets.

B&B: Brooke Logan Forrester Knows Something About Affairs

But let’s talk about when Brooke betrayed Eric. They were happily married and she was working at Forrester without a contract (which the Forresters lived to regret) when she and Ridge, her ex-fiancé, were in the lab. They created a miracle breakthrough formula that when applied to fabric would make it wrinkle-free. The pair decided to celebrate this success not by opening a bottle of champagne or taking a half-day off but rather by making love on the lab floor. Ridge betrayed his father. Brooke betrayed her marriage vows. Eric was truly devastated.

In Quinn’s case, Eric had pushed his wife away. Her moving on was understandable and motivated. Conversely, Eric had treated Brooke like a queen — even naming the formula she created after her by capitalizing some of the invention’s letters, “BeLieF” for Brooke Logan Forrester. It’s rather odd that Quinn hasn’t discovered this bit of information over the years via a gossipy Forrester Creations employee or even Eric himself.

If she became armed with the knowledge of Brooke’s full history (maybe the late Stephanie Forrester left some diaries around), Quinn should use it the next time Brooke throws in her face that she was unfaithful to Eric. Speaking of Eric, he also committed infidelity back when he was married to Stephanie. Sure, the couple’s union was on the rocks but it led to Eric straying and finding love with Brooke.

The two of them are faulting — and judging — Quinn for doing the same thing! They might do well to recall their own infidelities before speaking so harshly of the jewelry designer. Quinn, however, may get the last laugh, given how happy she is whenever she’s around Carter.

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