Kimberlin Brown

Birth Name: Kimberlin Ann Brown
Birth Place: Hayward, California, United States
Profession: Actor

Birth Name: Kimberlin Ann Brown
Birth Place: Hayward, California
Profession: Actor


Kimberlin Ann Brown was born in Hayward, California. She thought that she wanted to be an Architect, but famed modeling agent Nina Blanchard made her rethink her aspirations. It took a year before she committed to modeling and it quickly paid off.

After a move to Los Angeles, Kimberlin’s modeling had her on the move, jetting to Paris, Tokyo and Milan. When the pace slowed down a bit, Brown decided to take a chance on acting, landing her first role on the classic show Fantasy Island.

Other roles in films and television followed, such as T.J. Hooker, Back to School, Eye of the Tiger, Capitol, Who’s That Girl and Santa Barbara. In 1990, the juicy role of the troubled and devious nurse Sheila Carter on the #1 soap, The Young and the Restless, came knocking and Kimberlin answered the door. Brown won the role that changed her career forever.

In 1992, Sheila Carter crossed over to The Bold and the Beautiful. For years Carter wrecked havoc in Genoa City and Los Angeles. The fans ate it up. Kimberlin continued to land more roles on other shows such as Another World, Port Charles, General Hospital, Six Feet Under, Becoming Marty, One Life to Live, Proud American, The Bay, The Necklace, 5 Hour Friends and All My Children.

Kimberlin always returned to the role that started it all, much to fans delight, appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2017. She also was very active in national politics, speaking at the Republican Convention in 2016. In October 2017, she announced that she was going to run for Congress in 2018.

Brown resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. In addition to acting, she runs an interior design firm and an avocado farm with her husband.

Fast Facts

  • June 29, 1961 — Birthdate
  • Discovered by famed modeling agent Nina Blanchard.
  • As a model, Brown jetted off to model in Tokyo, Milan and Paris.
  • Married to Gary Pelzer since May 11, 1991 and they share a daughter, Alexes, and son, Nicholas.
  • She and her husband own and run an avocado farm in California.
  • A featured speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention, as a strong supporter of Donald Trump, Republican Nominee for US President in 2016.
  • Announced in October 2017 that she is running for Congress, “to fix what is broken.”


  • Gary Pelzer — Husband
  • Alexes Marie Pelzer — Daughter
  • Nicholas James Pelzer — Son


Kimberlin Brown originated the evil Sheila Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful’s sister show, The Young and the Restless in 1990.

Brown crossed over to Los Angeles in 1992 and began wreaking havoc in Los Angeles on members of the Forrester family.

Not one to let go of a grudge, Sheila has crossed over to both shows many times throughout the past three decades.

Daytime loves Brown! She has appeared on Capital, Santa Barbara, Another World, Port Charles, General Hospital, One Life to Live and All My Children.

Kimberlin Brown Photos

Actor (6 Credits)

Title Role Year

The Opposite Sex And How To Live With Them (Movie)

Leeza 1993

18 Again! (Movie)

Receptionist 1988

Who's That Girl (Movie)

Rachel 1987

The Bold and the Beautiful (TV Show)

Sheila Carter

Back To School (Movie)

Girl in Dorm Hallway 1986

Eye Of The Tiger (Movie)

Dawn 1986

Guest (1 Credits)

Title Role Year

Crook & Chase (TV Show)

Kimberlin Brown — 2013